Donald asks…

best way to paint a vehicle? looking for the easiest way to paint a van ,,,im not looking for a showroom finish ,just reasonable,,,,now ive 3 options,,,,,,,brush on car paint,,,,,,tins of spray,,,,,,ive a spray gun but no experience…im in the uk and brands of paint would be helpfull,along with where to buy it,

Aklymroofing answers:

Roll on some exterior gloss it gives a nice though finish with not much mess.

Sandy asks…

Using weatherbond paint for interior?

is it advisable ? Is it better in anyway? My parents called someone to help paint our house and that guy recommended weatherbond paint ( alot more expensive ) to paint our interior .. but the paint‘s description said it is for exterior only . Im afraid that guy is trying to scam us
so should my parents pay extra for the weatherbond paint?

Aklymroofing answers:

No use would be to apply exterior paint indoors. The only difference between exterior and interior paint is that exterior has built-in UV and weather protection, while interior paint doesn’t.

Also, exterior paint is usually more expensive due to those extra additives.

It may have a stronger smell and slightly longer drying time, but over time the smell goes away.

I don’t see how he can scam you guys either though, he doesn’t gain anything from using more expensive paint. If he doesn’t really have a good reason to use exterior paint indoors, then he might not really be knowledgable about what he’s using.

In my opinion, a good painter would give his or her customers options on several different brands and let them know the pros and cons of each; not just stick to one just because it works well outside.

Mandy asks…

How do I paint a fiberglass door? ASAP?

I’ve read past posts and answers. Have times changed or are fiberglass doors easier to paint?!

I have a handyman who replaced a rotted door and installed a fiberglass door. BUT he refuses to paint it. I want the job done now as he is finishing up several jobs for me.
What do I need to get to finish the door? What type rollers, paint brand and type, i will have to leave it on the hinges and he installed the locks already. How much paint is enough? one or two coats? HD now offers primer and paint in one. Is that good? I hate to think Ihave to get up on a ladder but with finaances tight, I will have to do it myself. Is there anything I SHOULDN’T DO?
SORRY, this is a exterior door on a house.
Most important… use a brush, roller, what kind.
Paint top, bottom and sides first or door first?

Aklymroofing answers:

Hi first go to Lowes, Home Depot, ect paint department find a color, tell the paint person it’s for a fiberglass door, you need a primer 1 Gal, or 2 quarts. If they sell it that way see which is cheaper for both sides of the door, then do the same for the color paint, if you are using the same color, if using two colors one for interior one for exterior a quart for each color. I would check your door to see if it has a sticker on it some come preprimed already, then you would just need the paint for the outside and interior of the door.

Mark asks…

Is it possible to effectively stain, or paint, a large concrete driveway?

Hello all readers,
The driveway at my home is a mismatch of different coloured concrete. It has obviously been enlarged over the years and pieced-up at various points where the original concrete has cracked. In an attempt to make it more attractive I have been thinking about painting it. What sort of paint would be effective? I was thinking external masonry paint. I was also wondering if it is possible to “stain” set concrete. If this is possible I’d imagine it would be far more effective than simply painting the surface. I live in the UK and I do quite a bit of DIY, but I don’t recall ever coming across “concrete stain”. However, I’d imagine this is a possibility. So, is it possible to stain set concrete? And, assuming it’s not, or that I can’t get an applicable product in the UK, is there an effective exterior paint that can be used instead. Thanks in advance to respondees!

Aklymroofing answers:

Yes it is very possible to seal and color your drive at the same time even! I would recommend this product. I have used it and it works well. 1 thing I will warn you about (from my own mistakes) is that the darker the color you go with the better.

Black is best because just turning the wheels on your vehicles on a light sealed drive leaves black marks and can leave a brand new sealed drive looking awful in just a week or so. 4×4 knobies make them really bad!

It works good, last for quite a few years, but go with a darker color.


Richard asks…

Spray painting a house ?

This fall I plan to paint my house . It is covered with aluminum siding . I own a airless sprayer that pulls the paint right out of the can . What type of spray nozzle or GPM do I need . Are there any pro painters out there?

Aklymroofing answers:

I also like a 515 tip for exterior latex. The tips will probably have a 6 digit # on them the last three #’s tell you about tip size. For example the last 3 digits are 515. Double the first # (5) and you get a 10″ fan, the next 2 digits (15) is from a .015 orifice. A .015 orifice is needed for the thicker exterior paint.


The below is from Graco’s web site:

[“What’s that number on my spray tip?
All Graco spray tips are coded with a 6-digit number. The first 3 digits indicate the kind of tip, (i.e., 286 is Rac 5). The fourth digit, when doubled, indicates the approximate fan width in inches at 12″ from the spraying surface. The last two digits indicate the orifice size in thousandths of an inch. For example, tip number 286417 is a Reverse-A-Clean (RAC 5) SwitchTip with a fan width of approximately 8-10 inches and an orifice size of 0.017 inch.”]

All brands follow the 3 digit coding system.

Good Luck.

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