Carol asks…

Paint is soft, rubs off, and smells like moth balls. Are these signs of paint gone bad or is just cheap paint?

Painted with name brand exterior paint and after 2 weeks still can scrape off paint with fingernail and when It rained the paint got really soft and can scrape it off way to easily. It is satin finish. Should I have gotten satin enamel for a hard surface? It also changes sheen when it is rubbed gets shinier, and when wet you can see where it was brushed as opposed to rolled. Also it has an odor of moth balls or mildew which I have never smelled before in any paint. Is it possible that the ink dye they used has gone bad? The store is a small hardware store and that dye could be very old, or generic and not compatible with this brand??? I am thinking of scraping it off and painting over it with a high quality paint just to be safe, or just painting over top and hope that it will cure the bad paint and harden it. Will this work?

Aklymroofing answers:

It is never a good idea to cover it with another coat of paint. It is much better if you scrape all the old paint first before applying the new one. I think you should’ve gotten the enamel since this is for hard surfaces. It sticks to surfaces more and dries quicker too.

Ruth asks…

Recommended paint for a bathtub?

We want to repaint our fiber glass bathtub, but aren’t really sure what type or brand of paint we should use.

Aklymroofing answers:

You really can’t paint a fiberglass tub. The color is baked into the mix of fiberglass exterior. If you paint over it, It will just peel and crack off in a matter of time.

Michael asks…

what paint will stay the best on wood??

i have a skateboared and i took the paint off it and i am gunna put my own desining on it.
i am gunna put neon green spray pain and lots of neon colors on it.
do u know where i can buy the paint and what brand s will work the best.

Aklymroofing answers:

First step, scuff the wood with 80 or 100 grit sandpaper. This gives the paint something to hold to. Next, prime the wood. Use an oil based exterior primer. Benjamin Moore makes a great one called Fresh Start (orange label, not green). Now you are ready to start the finish paint. Apply your base color, whatever that may be. Give that 2-3 coats, then start the accent colors. When you have a design you like, you may want to apply a couple of coats of polyurethane to make the design last. Plan to spend at least 5-7 days on this.

As far as brand, most will work. Check the labels to be sure they are compatible for wood. Hope this helps.

Lisa asks…

Stain… then Paint?

I just put new wooden siding on the front of our house. I would like to stain it. If, in the future I decide I want to paint it, is that possible? What kind of paint should I use? Also, what is te best technique for applying stain? Cloth? Brush?

Aklymroofing answers:

For staining I would suggest using a fine brush made for oil based stains. You can find these in the same section as the stains. If your using a dark stain I’d say go heavy and don’t worry about it. But if your going with a light stain then apply lightly and be prepared to go over everything twice. In the future if you decide to pain it’s no problem. Just use a good exterior latex base paint. The big name brands from lowes or depot will do you just fine. And I’d definite not skimp on the price of paint when doing an exterior latex.

George asks…

Should I paint the exterior of the fibre glass water tank with epoxy paint or with polyurethane ? Thks.?

This fibre glass water tank is placed under rain and shine.

Aklymroofing answers:

You don’t say if you need this tank to look beautiful or if you only want to protect it from the elements. If protection is your need, you would do better using an emulsion made for roofing applications. It is a tar product which will adhere to any surface. You will have your proof if you get it on your hands. It will provide 20 years or more of protection and if it did start to show signs of weather, apply another coat. It will provide backup water proofing to your fibre glass. It is not very expense either.

Here is the description for one of the products sold by home depot for less than $20.00

Henry 208R 1-Gallon Rubber Wet Patch Roof Cement features a rubberized formula that makes it a flexible and long-lasting solution for preventing and stopping roof leaks. This cement is formulated to stick to both wet and dry surfaces in cold and rainy weather and even repairs leaks under puddled water.

SBS rubber-modified formula provides flexibility and a long service life
Sticks to wet and dry surfaces, even in freezing temperatures
Repairs leaks under puddled water
Repairs shingles, roll roofing, valleys, splits, cracks and raised edges
Seals chimneys, skylights, turbines, roof vents, gutters and air conditioning
Pair with yellow Henry 183 Repair Fabric for professional results (if there are existing cracks)
Apply with a roofing trowel, putty knife or caulk gun
11 oz. Covers approximately 17 ft.
MFG Brand Name : Henry
MFG Model # : HE208R142
MFG Part # : HE208R142
Product Longevity : Varies

This link will take you to the site so you can check out the other products they carry.


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