Mary asks…

any painting tips – paint brand, brushes or rollers, etc.?

We are remodeling our home. We need to choose our interior doors. We certainly don’t want hollow core doors, as noise reduction is important to us. The question no one has been able to answer is which would be better for noise reduction – solid MDF or solid core as Safe ‘N Sound

Aklymroofing answers:

To be honest, the sound conduction/transmission characteristics of all similarly sized/shaped, solid core doors will be very close.

The main reason that interior doors and rooms are not as sound proof or private as we’d like them to be is because interior walls are usually not insulated and because interior doors are not sealed or as tight-closing as exterior doors.

Maria asks…

Does acetone (nail polish remover) remove appliance exterior/paint?

Hi, a black mark got on my brand new white washer when it was being delivered and I removed it with some nail polish remover ( like 2 or 3 dabs on a cotton ball) and it took it out. But now I’m paranoid that it removed some of the existing white appliance exterior/paint. To me that area now looks slightly different (faded) but everyone else says that they don’t see any fading. Is such a small amount of nail polish remover capable of removing the appliance exterior/paint? I know I sound lame but that stupid washer cost me alot of $ !! thanks

Aklymroofing answers:

You’re really proud of that washer arent cha? You’ll get over it same thing happened to me. And they actually sell appliance paint that will match that color pretty well. The spray on is the best

Thomas asks…

Help I bought a 1942 fixer upper!!!?

I bought a 3bedroom 1 and a half bath 1942 fixer upper for 10 grand in May last year. The roof is good so is the foundation, it had the most ugly porch awning so I had my nephews tear it down now I have to replace it before water damage starts are awnings very expensive and also my home’s exterior needs painting are there any good but inexspensive exterior paints at lowes.

Aklymroofing answers:

I don’t know about awning prices, but if you buy the cheapest paint, you can expect to have to repaint sooner than you would have if you had purchased a better brand/grade. The difference in material cost will be swamped by the amount of labor you have to put in to repaint sooner than you would have otherwise.

Sandy asks…

What paint can I use for exterior wood?

if I’m not interested in staining it – I just want an opaque, solid colour

Aklymroofing answers:

The container will say whether it is out door or in door type. You have a choice between flat, semi-gloss, and gloss. ‘Behr’ is an excellent brand.

Michael asks…

Favorite brand of paint, and why?

Aklymroofing answers:

it’s the best quality paint I’ve used
we used it to paint the exterior of our house
and when we re-do the interior – I plan to use Behr.

When we bought our house – it was a few(about 4) years old, that seems fairly new to me – they claimed it had been recently painted – but the paint didn’t look that good to me and it looked like a thin cheap paint.

The following year – we had a hail storm – a very bad one – the hail beat up the paint and the roof pretty bad.

After that we had to paint – we chose Behr – it covered beautifully and looks great.

And that has been 4 years ago now – the Behr paint still looks great – better than the paint that was on the house when we bought it – and it was supposed to be a fresh coat of paint.

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