George asks…

I have a 4 door ’93 Honda Accord. It’s a dark blue (almost black colour.) I am looking to buy a body kit.

Any suggestions of a brand of body kit and if I can choose a colour or will have to paint it myself. Any help at all will be appreciated. thanks!

Aklymroofing answers:

Check this out:

i prefer mugen brand………….i have it on my civic and accord

Susan asks…

What are the pros and cons of the Ford Mustang Cobra?

Ford Mustang Cobra- 1999-2004

Aklymroofing answers:

Everything I state will be a fact. The 03/04 cobras are a different car then the 99-02 cobras so all my information will be about the 03/04 cobras. PROS= The 03/04 cobras with 1k spent on mods will whip a procharged ls1 camero. Stock vrs stock the cobra will blow the ls1 camero out of the water. 12.9 1/4 mile cobra vrs 13.5 1/4mile ss camero(1/4 times taken directly from chevy motor company and Ford motor company) The cameros dont have a built engine and can only withstand about 500hp before they throw a rod the cobras on the otherhand have built engines and can withstand 800 to 1000 hp from the factory and with just 1k worth of mods (cold air intake, catback exhaust, smaller pulleys, and a sct tune) are already at over 500 hp not to mention that if you use the same amount of money that you used to put a procharger in a camero (you could put a kenne bell in a cobra) you would have a 800hp cobra that can beat any car on the road including all camero’s, Z06 corvettes, farrari’s, lambo’s, vipers, bmw, and mercedes. As far as stock vehicals goes, there is not a faster stock car then the cobras for the same amount of money. The cobras have run a 12.43 1/4 mile (Evan Smith fast fords and muscle mustangs) but normally run between a 12.8 and 12.9. There is no other stock vehical for the same amount of money as the cobra that can run the 1/4 in under 13 seconds. The closest is the brand new evo’s that run a 13.1(time taken directly from mitsubishi motor company) (cobras 12.9 taken directly from Ford motor company) Other pros include a 6 speed T56 transmission (one of the best transmission built in the world), independant rear suspension which provides not only great handling but great comfort on even the most bumpy roads, 275-40-R17 tires, awsome leather with suede leather inserts seats, 6 disk satalite ready radio, in consumer reports every single catagory rates at either above ave or excellent including reliabillty, resale, engine, ac, transmission, paint, interior, exterior, power windows and doors, and so on. Great gas millage for a muscle car, 17 city and 24 highway.
CONS= insurance is expensive, must use priemium fuel, very very very fast car (this can be a pro or con depending on the driver).
Like I said everything stated above was researched and is absolute fact, if you buy a cobra welcome to the brotherhood. You will have a lot of fun. Good luck with whatever you choose.

P.S. The cobra R’s are basically race cars, not a everyday driving car. They do not have rear seats, a radio, ac, or any other ammenities you would want in a vehical you are driving on a regular basis so unless you are only going to race the car, the cobra R is not a good choice. Also, just to give you a more complete answer to your question. The major difference between the 03/04 cobras and the 99-02 cobras is that the 99-02 dont have a factory stock supercharger, the roots type eaton supercharger was first introduced in the 03 cobras and also put in the 04 cobras. There are some other differences but that is the main one.

Michael asks…

Can I make a hollow, 11 1/2 inch tall garden gnome out of polymer clay?

Aklymroofing answers:

Yes, you can make a “fairly tall,” and hollow item from polymer clay, but for the lowest cost and most strength you’d usually make the figure with a *lightweight* permanent armature inside rather than completely hollow.
And the ploymer clay itself would be only a fairly thin shell around that, not thick-clay using “slab” construction methods as with earthen clay because of the cost for something large in polymer clay (unless you used “mixed media” and used other materials for parts of the exterior and polymer clay for parts).

That armature could be a “form” like the general shape of a gnome in papier mache, or it could be a general or more specific shape created from expanded polystyrene foam (like packing material), or it could be the general shape created with scrunched aluminum foil, sealed wood, or lots of other materials. Some areas could be made larger or more detailed by adding air dry clays (like lightweight Celluclay, etc), floral tape, etc, etc.
Some of those materials can be removed or dissolved, etc, after baking to create a truly hollow form, but more often they’d be left in for more rigidity and strength on an item that large.
With the ps foam, it may shrink a bit or not during heating depending on the technique you use.
Http:// (click on *Hollow Pieces* or *Removable Forms*)

Or you could create a hollow 3-D form by making a separate front piece and back piece (perhaps with forms or molds), baking each, then joining the halves together.

You’d just be “covering” the temporary or permanent armatures with a thin layer of clay in most cases, creating the exact exterior shapes you wanted. Then baking in a home oven, probably lying down and supported with various materials during curing.

The brand and line of polymer clay you use would be important for something non-solid like this though. The cheapest ones will be fairly brittle after baking in any thin areas (and your “shell” would be fairly thin), but the others will be more expensive.

The other issue with polymer clay is having it outdoors 24/7 for a long time.
Polymer clay is plastic so waterproof for most purposes and rain and other watery conditions won’t affect it unless some of the clay is submerged *continuously* in the water over many months. Then it might absorb a tiny bit of water and begin to look whitish on an dark colors, which you can dry out.
However, if it’s not sealed with a permanent paint intended for outdoor situations, or a clear finish (polyurethane, etc) that has UV protection, some of the clay colors could fade a bit over a long exposure to the sun (esp. Reds and purples).
Http:// (click esp. On *Outdoor Polymer*)

You might be better off in making something that large though just using papier mache. There are ways to make it very strong even when fairly hollow, and waterproof, etc:


Steven asks…

Ok all you Pro spray painters! Powder coated pool fence needs to have a colour change?

We are renovating a pool area and we would like to change the colour of the pool fence. One would imagine that the steel fencing is powder coated “about 10 years old” and has some oxidation starting to form. Can anyone tell me if I need to use some type of solvent first to remove the oxidation then maybe I need an etch primer or something. If someone has had this done before or does it for a living? any info would be appreciated. Cheers Marty Down Under

Aklymroofing answers:

Wipe it down with a product called “ospho” then paint it with a good exterior oil based paint..If you use a latex paint you would have to then prime it anyway with an opil based paint..and then the finish coat..with ospho this product also turns any rust on it into a paintable surface..according to your question you are in oz..and I do not know the availability of ospho there..but there is also a brand of a product that is the identical product to ospho, and it is under the “jasco” brand is some info on these products..I am a 37 year experienced painter..and wipe all my metal repaints down with these no attention tothe prices here..this is a bulk price per case..
Here is the jasco product..same item

Ken asks…

what brand of paint has a deck paint that will go on over current paint?

Aklymroofing answers:

Unknown, the current paint needs to be specified, so others can determine type of paint required, if you can determine base medium as oil, acrylic, latex, stains or other, then person at store can assist in proper paint for coverage, you don’t want to mix water base paints over stains where colour seeps through paint , and surface type being wood, metal, plastics,

Masterchem Kilz primer

Rustoleum Zinsser Primer

Glidden Gripper primer

Valspar Primer

Sherwin Williams
PPG Porter Paints
Benjamin Moore
Olympic Paint and Stain
Dutch Boy paints

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