Mandy asks…

How to refinish Exterior Oak Grain Doors?

I would prefer not to remove the door. The door is quite weathered a chemical stripper is best here or just sand away. Then refinish help too. Thanks.
The door has a white film on it possibly from the other finishes being faded by the sun.

Aklymroofing answers:

Sounds like just sanding and recoating wont bring it back, I would use a gel type stripper it is easily contained and wont splash all over. Then sand with fine sand paper, at this point you can decide to leave it natural or bring out the grain with a stain. I always use polyurethane for the finish two or three coats. You have the choice between high gloss or satin.

Laura asks…

Where can I get an exterior people door that already has a doggy door installed in it?

I already installed a doggy door in my brand new home’s exterior and it leaks to inside the house when it rains – despite caulking it! I’d rather just buy pre-fab one next time.

Aklymroofing answers:

If your home has a sliding door you can buy 1 on these

Lizzie asks…

Should handyman leave job in better condition than he started?

A handyman replaced an exterior door for us. He tore old one out down to lath and removed old trim and junked it without asking us. He replaced door but not trim. Air leaks in through lathe and it looks terrible without trim to cover lathe. was it wrong to expect that he would leave it looking the same or better than before he started? Cost $800 and he said trim wasn’t included. (after the fact).

Aklymroofing answers:

Some simple rules I alway follow whether it’s a professional or a handyman – I’ve used both.
1. We discuss the job in detail.
2. We agree on a total price.
3. I pay NOTHING until the job is 100% complete and I am satisfied.

If they don’t agree to any of this, they don’t work for me.

Paul asks…

What is the strip-like thing you can put around door frames to keep bugs and dirt out?

From inside our apartment we can see light coming through the door frame and we believe bugs are getting in through there too. Just wondering what that item was called so I can get the product. Also any other solutions for this are welcome. TIA.

Aklymroofing answers:

You are looking for a weatherstrip. If you rent, your landlord should take care of this.

There are several different types of weather strip. Most exterior doors use a weatherstrip that locks into a groove on the door frame. Take a close look. If you don’t have the groove, a strip with a metal bar to fasten to the door and a rubber fin to contact against the door will last much longer than the peel and stick kind.

Robert asks…

How to protect a door from being carded into?

I recently discovered how easy it is to slip a card into my door and open it even if its locked. How do i prevent this from occuring?
Is there a product i can buy or something i can do to stop a card from opening my door?

Aklymroofing answers:

Interior door or exterior door? If it is an interior lock, it was never designed to prevent being opened by sliding a card down the door. Doesn’t matter… Get a new one, made for an exterior door. All keyed front door locksets are immune for the card trick these days. There is a spring latch built in that only allows the knob to pull in the latch. The spring latch prevents the latch from being pushed in. You can test this feature at the big box hardware store where you buy it. With the mechanism assembled, and in the locked position, simply push on the latch. It should stop partway depressed but not so far that it would allow the door to open. In addition to a new lockset, I suggest installing a dead bolt. I have one that is keyed on both sides so if someone does break in, they will not be walking out the front door. When I get home and set the locks, I simply leave my keys in the deadbolt instead of putting my keys on the dresser as I used to.

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