Donald asks…

How should I seal an interior door to keep out cigarette smoke?

I recently moved back home after college and am looking for a way to seal my bedroom door against cigarette smoke. My mother is a heavy smoker, and I don’t want all my clothes to reek of it. Since I’m living in her house and not paying rent, asking her to step outside isn’t an option! The door is a basic wooden interior door with about a 1 1/2 to 2 inch gap.

Aklymroofing answers:

You would seal it just as you would with an exterior door. Go to Lowe’s, Home Depot , where ever, and purchase screw on weather stripping. Easy to install, you will need a pair of tin snips to cut it to length and a screw driver or screw gun. The peel and stick type won’t work because the door stop on interior doors is not wide enough. The bottom is alittle bit trickier. The best way would be to install a threshold in between the opening and a door bottom to the door. This will seal the gap at the bottom. A lot of hassle, maybe the towel idea would be easier.
Here’s a video that might help

Joseph asks…

Can I use 100% Silicone Caulk on exterior doors & windows?

I bought a boatload of 100% silicone caulk for use in aquarium sealing. I have 4 tubes left over. I’m pretty sure this stuff is re-labeled & sold as GE #1. It has no mold / mildew repellent in it.

Can I use this stuff to help winterize my (unsealed) windows and door frames since its already a sunk expense? Or do I need to buy the latex stuff? This stuff is like $9 a tube, compared to the $4 a tube paintable stuff they sell for doors & windows at home depot.

Aklymroofing answers:

Yes you can and it will work great and last for years. The only problem is that paint won’t stick to it. I use it on my house all the time. It’s a 50 year calk. Most latex is 20 to 30 year.

George asks…

exterior door installation gone bad?

i got a 36″x80″ steel door. apparently there is another measurement i was supposed to take for the depth. now the new door is 15mm too narrow (depth wise). Of course it is already installed. What can I do now short of taking it out?

Aklymroofing answers:

Fill in the space with a jamb extender, some square shaped pieces of wood may work on the interior cut to the 15mm you are shy. If it is shy on the exterior, I would suggest rehanging the door and finish the opening on the interior.

If the door frame is wood and has some sort of casing or brick moulding on it, you can cut the 15 mm from the back side of the casing to make jamb line up with interior.

Nancy asks…

How do you tell if your exterior door is right or left hinge? Look from outside in or inside out?

If I’m inside my back porch looking at my door, the hinges are on the left side and the door swings to the outside. If I buy a replacement door, do I need a left swing or a reverse right? I’m still confused.

Aklymroofing answers:

As a rule of thumb in the construction trades, carpenters do this. It’s called the “Butt to Butt”
Open the door, put your butt against the hinge or “butt” side of the jamb. If the door swings to the left, its a left. If it swings to the right then its a right.
Exterior doors are different if they swing outside,
they are called “reverse right and left hand.

Lisa asks…

How much would it cost to replace a door and frame myself?

Just a simple masonite brand door and frame, and a doorknob.

please exclude the cost of labor.
Corky R:
exclude means to leave out. I said exclude the cost of labor, not include it.

Aklymroofing answers:

Interior door , nice one, 2 hundred dollars, no labor, Exterior door, nice one, 400- 600 dollars, no labor.

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