Helen asks…

How do you prevent someone from unlocking your bedroom door?

I have one of those doors that you push the button to lock, but can be opened from the outside with a toothpick. How do I keep the button pushed down so that someone can’t open it from the outside? Something simple but not permanent to be repeated when needed.

Aklymroofing answers:

I presume that you mean while you are away? If so, go to your local Wal-Mart or hardware store and buy an exterior type door lock assembly. This will give you the security you desire from unwanted guests while you are away … Or just busy!

Sandra asks…

How do you unlock a bedroom door from the outside?

I accidentally locked my bedroom door from the inside. It is one of those doorknobs with the little hole in the middle and the lock on the other side that you push to lock and turn the handle to release. I’ve tried using wire hangers, and it hasn’t worked. Please help.

Aklymroofing answers:

It depends upon the type of lock that is on the door. If it is a passage lock that is commonly used for a bedroom door then a thin screwdriver inserted in the center hole will engage a slot and you will be able turn it 90 deg to unlock the door.

If it is a keyed entry set like an exterior door then there are several possibilities. If the hinges are on your side slide the center pin out and open the door from the hinge side. If not then you might be able to “card” the door if the lock is of inferior quality. If it is of better quality and installed correctly then see the next:

If it is a dead bolt then you will have to break the door, drill out the lock, find the key, or call a locksmith.

Lisa asks…

What are the steps to sealing my wooden interior door?

It is a solid pine wood door, and I have already stained it a year and a half ago a dark walnut colour.

I keep hearing that it is best to put a sealer on the door, but I like the flat look that it has and dont really want it to be shiny. (Is this how most all people prefer it? “shiny”?)

I have heard that it is best to take a rag with some more stain on it and wipe the door down again , applying a very thin coat of fresh stain. and then after that has dried for a few hours to apply several coats of sealer, waiting a couple of hours in between.

Did i remember the instructions right?

anything more or different?

Thanks for your answers !

Aklymroofing answers:

Yes, your instructions that you recall are pretty accurate. Now as far as a sealer, you want to ask yourself these things:
1. Is my door exposed to direct sunlight?
2. Is my door exposed to severe weather (rain / wind)?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then you’ll want to seal your door (at least the outside) they do make a satin sealer so the door wouldn’t too shiny for you. Once you seal your door, you’ll want to re-seal periodically to maintain the door.

Alternatively, if this is an interior door and not exposed to shower / bath water splashes, I’d choose to just leave the door as is.

On both interior and exterior doors, I use 400-600 grit sand paper between seal or stain applications to smooth the doors like a baby’s bottom.

Hope this helps.

Mandy asks…

Weatherstripping Exterior Door?

I’ve searched through the questions and answers here, but I don’t understand exactly where to put the stripping. I live in an apartment and I can see light coming through the front door. There is a rubber stripping there, but I want to put the cheap foam weatherstripping on the door frame.

Do I put the stripping on the side of the frame where the metal hole is for the lock? Or on the side where the side would close flush with it?

I’m trying to find pictures on the Web, but can’t find any.


Aklymroofing answers:

On the ontside of the door where it meets the door jam

Ruth asks…

My driver side door handle on my 1984 Porsche 944 seems to be broke.?

It’s the exterior door handle and it used to stick when opening the door. Now there is no pressure at all. I removed the door panel and saw that the door handle’s arm that swings to hit the angled joint that pushes the rod are no longer attached. Will I need to replace the entire mechanism or is there another way?

Aklymroofing answers:

The arm that came off probably has a square hole and fits on a square shaft. The nut or screw that holds it on is probably in the bottom of the door. Just reassemble it. Takes 2 minutes. Blue locktight may be useful.

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