Lisa asks…

New Jersey Manufacturers INsurance replacement costs?

I have NJM insurance and recieved a replacement costs anyalysis. It has how much everything will cost if my house got trashed. For example, it has foundation framing plumbing flooring etc. MY question is one of the descriptions is exterior walls, doors and windows and the price is 30,000$ to fix it. DOes exterior walls mean the vinyl siding, sheathing? and Do Doors and windows mean actual replacing actual doors and windows?

Aklymroofing answers:

YES thats what it means-the insurance company will pay 30.000 for exterior door windows and siding next time ask your insurance company the question as save yourself the worry ahead of time

Ruth asks…

Can you get oak wooden blinds for rear exterior French doors?

I have recently installed pvcu French doors to my living room but I am having some problem deciding what to use as a ‘curtain’
I do not want to compromise the great view I get when I open up both doors also…

I am sure I want oak blinds because they seem the best for ‘getting out the way of the view’ but what type?, horizontal?, vertical?, from where?, I am very lost!

Would love some help, also some links would be fantastic.

Thanks again

Aklymroofing answers:

If you really want blinds then visit: for more suggestions.

Carol asks…

Exterior door screen metal door alternatives?

We have a den that has its own entry way to the front yard. We had exterior door replaced several years ago an we’re told at that time that for some reason a screen door could not be hung from
this entry way. Don’t remember why he said it could not be done. Any ideas as to why and anybody have any ideas to screen door alternatives. We would like to be able to open the door to let fresh air in but keep the flies and and bugs out.

Aklymroofing answers:

How about a wood door with fiberglass mesh screening? Or.. A regular door can be fitted with a screen panel or screen window. If all else fails, you can have one built fairly reasonable. If it has been years since you asked, try again ( use a different carpenter ) or take the measurements down to the local hardware store or home center and see what they have. There are many new and improved products that hit the market each year, this year you just may find what you are looking for.

William asks…

I painted my exterior door, and now, that it’s dried, I notice some drip marks. What do I do?

The door is inside a three season room, so I can do whatever it takes to fix it. I just don’t know how.

Aklymroofing answers:

Sand the drip marks with fine 120 sand paper until you’ve smoothed them down. Wipe the area down to remove the dust then repaint the areas paying special attention to “feathering” the paint out into the surrounding dry areas.

David asks…

Name for custom cut hole in window for door latch, as seen on custom cars?

just wondering if theres a name for this type of modification. ive seen this where there is a circular hole custom cut into a side view car window in order to reach inside the vehicle to open the door, since there are no exterior door handles…

just wondering if this is a purely custom modification thing or if its popular enough to have a name..


Aklymroofing answers:

It’s called “Frenched” like a frenched antenna, frenched door handle, etc.

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