Nancy asks…

Is it possible to replace a combination door on a mobile home w/ a regular front door and screen door?

I have a combination door now that is warped. Is it possible to remove the combination door and install a seperate front and screen door. I know that the combination includes the door jamb so I will have to frame another door jamb. Anyone ever done this?

Aklymroofing answers:

You can do this but it takes a little preparation. You need to remove the door to check the rough opening. Rough Opening is the carpenter/lumber yard term for the hole size in the wall when the door and frame have been removed.
So take this measurement to the lumber yard with you to order the door. I can tell you the rough opening for a new standard type exterior door.
For a 2’8″ door ( lumberyards use the foot and inch term in talking about doors. This is called a (two eight), you need the rough opening in the wall to be 34″ wide and 82″ tall.
For a 3’0″ door (three 0 *like oh) you need 38″ width rough opening and 82″ tall. You will probably have a thinner wall thickness in your mobile home. If so let the new door stick inside further, and trim around it.If you want a knob and a deadbolt – tell them to double bore the door.
Also to order it hinged correctly – Put your back against the hinge side of the frame,(one of your legs in inside the mobile home the other is outside on the landing or the steps- now which ever side the door is on that is what hinge it will be. If door is on your left, it’s called a left hand door.
Note with little overhang on mobile homes it’s best to put a drip edge on the top molding of the door- you need to slip the drip edge up and under the siding above the door BEFORE you put the door in. Don’t fasten it in, just slip it up under siding, install door and pull drip edge down on top of door molding,screw and caulk siding back in place.

Linda asks…

About much it would it cost to turn a finished basement into an apartment?

I have a finished basement in a capecod with one BR, 1/2 bath and large sitting area. About how much would it cost to put a wall through the basement, add a shower an exterior door and a very small kitchen. I’m in NY state.

Aklymroofing answers:

Building a basement is usually included with forming the foundation and building the house itself, but homeowners often don’t build their basements for use as an extra room or rental space. The basement areas usually do not have electricity, plumbing or room for normal ceilings and insulation. Many even have water problems that would ruin an ordinary room. Finishing the basement is the process of making it liveable and dividing it into separate rooms and living spaces.

Michael asks…

general motors manufacturing. how do you replace exterior door handles?

I need to replace the exterior door handles on my ’95 chevy astro van. how do you do it?

Aklymroofing answers:

I’ve done several and it’s a real pain in the butt. I would take it to a body shop, the average person has neither the tools or patience to get the job done.

Susan asks…

diagram on how to install a exterior door handle on a mitsubishi eclipse?

need a picutre showing how to reinstall a exterior door handle on a mitsubishi ecliipse

Aklymroofing answers:

Buy it/take off interior door panel and take a peek/becomes apparent

Richard asks…

Do exterior doors come in diffrent sizes?

I have a very small back porch door and i would like to replace it. Do they come in diffrent sizes?

Aklymroofing answers:

Yes they do come in different sizes…you can get tips on how to replace your door here

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