Chris asks…

Roofing or Siding Questions?

I see alot of roofing questions on here and alot of bad advice. If you want a real answer go to Rooferscoffeeshop.com.

Thats the forum where all the pro roofing contractors hang out.

It’s a great site for asking roofing, siding and ventilation questions. And it’s free.

No I dont work for them or anything. I just know the site and recommend it to anyone needing professional answers.
Apple if you have responded to a roofing question recently and I offended you then I’m sorry. It was not my intention to anyway. If thats what you meant…

Aklymroofing answers:

Sorry I ain’t no roofer or’andyman! I’m a hobo!!!

Charles asks…

How can I make this sound more professional?

I’m writing a resume for someone and under the skills section I wrote…

-Mechanical Aptitude
-Experience in roofing, siding, masonry, building pole barns, and concrete work including mixing and laying blocks.
-Strong electrical skills.

How can I make that more professional looking and sounding?
(change it around as much as you want)

Thank you!

Aklymroofing answers:

Write a heading for EXPERIENCE AND SKILLS, then bullet point each skill set like this:

-Roofing and Siding
-Pole Barn building
-Masonry (including brick laying and concrete)
-electrical wiring

Paul asks…

Who needs a free home improvement estimate?

Hi Everyone. My good friend just got a job working at Sears and he needs to find people who are open to having a professional come and give a free, no obligation estimate. Anything from kitchens, floors, roof, siding, entry doors, ac/heating, and others too. If you are looking for a free and professional estimate from a Sears professional (no obligation to buy), please email me. They are offering up to $500 off and lots of tax-savings for 2010.

Thanks for your help!


Aklymroofing answers:

And you don t advertise here. We help people do their home projects.

Donald asks…

Would it be okay to use air conditioners after asbestos removal?

We had a professional team remove asbestos siding in November. I’m nervous about using air conditioners thinking that anything left over might get in and then into the house. We have a small roof outside of our upstairs window so if any got on there, couldnt it get through the air conditioners? However, it rained hundreds of time since November so would it have washed away? Could there be any asbestos left on the new siding?

Aklymroofing answers:

I wouldn’t worry about it…You said you hired pros so I am sure they took everything into consideration so no asbestos was left behind to reenter…A good sign of a real pro is if they set up a temporary shower and a clean and dirty room while the work was going on.

David asks…

Any pointers for my resume?

Any pointers or criticism for my resume?


To obtain a position requiring a qualified accounting professional and valued team player with business acumen, computer proficiency, and a commitment to quality and accuracy.
Seeking a position beginning June 2011.

Professional Experience

(my company name) May 2008 – Dec. 2009
Serving the Salem and greater Roanoke area with handyman services. Job functions include advertisement, meeting with customers, giving estimates, and performing work in multiple trades. Trades include carpentry, roofing, siding, car repair, moving services, and landscaping. High emphasis placed on customer satisfaction, with many repeat customers.

Military Service

Virginia Army National Guard March 2006 – Present
Enlisted as infantry, with the rank of Sergeant (e-5), and currently a team leader. Directly responsible for monitoring, instilling, and enforcing the Army values and standards upon the fire team. Functions include the instructing, developing, implementing, mentoring, and controlling individual and team level movements, techniques, and procedures.

Deployment – Tallil, Iraq January 2010 – Aug. 2010
Served as the lead scout truck commander for a combat logistic patrol (convoy resupply). The lead scout position is responsible for navigating the routes, communicating to all military traffic, and responding first to any threat, obstacle, or hazard. Additionally, this position is directly responsible for ensuring the safety of personel, and inpection of equipment.

Deployment – Al Taqaddum, Iraq August 2007 – May 2008
Served as an Armored Security Vehicle (ASV) machine gun operator, with the mission of providing security for the delivery of gasoline and other commodities to bases around the western province of Iraq, including the cities of Ramadi, Fallujah, and Baghdad. Served in over 60 convoy resupply missions. Directly responsible for over $1,000,000 of sensitive equipment.

Awards & Honors –
Army Commendation Medal, 2010, exemplary service in Iraq
Army Commendation Medal, 2008, exemplary service in Iraq.
Combat Infantryman’s Badge

Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration – May 2011 (projected)
Major: Accounting
150 semester hours of credit

Virginia Western Community College, Roanoke, VA
Associates of Science in Business Administration – May 2009
Graduated Magna Cum Laude – 3.775 GPA out of 4.0

Relevant coursework:
Principles of Accounting I & II
Intermediate Accounting I & II
Managerial Accounting (Cost)
Introduction to Taxation
Introduction to Fraud and Forensic Accounting
Advanced Accounting
Financial Auditing
Accounting Information Systems

Eligible to sit for CPA Exam (May 2011)

References available on request

Aklymroofing answers:

I would change up the military stuff some. Empathize how many people reported to you, and the skills you used that might sort of apply to accounting. You’re there partway with all the stuff about leadership.

Your handyman position: is that a sole proprietorship? Or someone you worked for? If the former, you probably did your own books… Empathise your business skills there.

Maybe put your “education” section first, since that is the most relevant to your objective. If you are formatting for one page, you can always drop “references available on request”, everyone figures that’s true.

Put in a list of computer programs you are proficient with, maybe. Or a keyword line. Depends on how you are giving this resume to someone. Keywords are useful if it is going into a database.

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