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Donald asks…

Whats the best product to use on exterior doors that are faded and dry??

We live in the south and my front door is getting weathered. Its oak and the sun and heat has faded and dried it out. Every spring I use old english on it, but it doesnt last. Is there a better product out there that does not involve totally refinishing and sanding??

Aklymroofing answers:

You are correct to use an oily type furniture polish. It will repair a lot of the dried out wood damage caused by the sun and/or wind and water. I have had good luck with a product called Liquid Gold.

You will probably want to apply it two or three times a summer to keep your door looking its best. It is probably not enough to only apply a coat once a year. Short of totaly refinishing the door or replacing it, I think this will be the best thing I can think of.

Susan asks…

What type of paint finish is best for exterior trim and garage doors?

Aklymroofing answers:

A good exterior latex satin or semi gloss paint..Anything but benjamin moore..I have painted for 37 years..not just sell paint so I have to use it..benjamin moore is the worst on color consistancy if you need to touch up later..and it also is fortified with some enamel based products..making it rough on your tools and if humid or cool at all it will take forever to dry..I painted 30 shutters with it once that wouldn’t dry sitting on a covered porch for A whole week..This stuff is terrible and not user friendly if your not an experienced painter…I have also had problems with benjamin Moore honoring thier warranty..I personally like to use Sherwin Williams is the info on it

George asks…

I need some input on how to best construct nine foot tall wood exterior doors?

I have lots of experience in furniture, cabinetry and millwork but not much with door fabrication.

Aklymroofing answers:

Are you building the frame also, or is the door going to be installed in an existing frame?
Thickness of the door will dictate how you construct it.
Being an exterior door it should be insulated. I would suggest using rigid foam
There are many different methods and materials that can be used, too many to list here. If you have experience you will come up with a plan that works best for your situation.
Remember the door will probably be fairly heavy so make sure you use some heavy duty hardware.
Good Luck

Carol asks…

What type of paint is best to be used on exterior entry doors?

flat, glossy, semi-glossy?

Aklymroofing answers:

Most people use satin or semi gloss.
Satin is between flat and semi gloss.

Flat does not really offer enough protection.
Glossy protects best but you may not like the look of a very glossy paint.

Mary asks…

What is the best exterior in-swing patio door?

I am looking to replace a patio door. Currently the stanley door installed allows for both doors (right and left) to swing opened if you want, with one side being locked when you don’t want it open. What type of replacement patio door would be great to withstand alot of exposure, particularly sun and rain?

Aklymroofing answers:

Pella makes good doors and you can find plenty of sizes in stock at the big box stores.

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Mandy asks…

Would it be worth it ship my Nissan Micra from Neuchatel, Switzerland to central NJ, USA?

My car is fully paid and has high rating for emission and crash safety. My company is paying for the 20ft container, and $1000 to cover shipping fees. Please, let me know what I need to do. Here are some of the specs. for the car

version 1.2i 16v Acenta A/C- KEY LESS
year 11/2004
fuel Unleaded 95
body type Hatchback
Usage 107,000 km
Cylinder capacity 1240 cc
Power 80 HP
Tax horsepower 7
Cylinders 4 Ligne
EU emission Euro 4
Maximum speed 167 km/h
0 -100 km/h 13,9 sec
Consumption Avg. 5,9 l/100 km
Tank capacity 42 l
l / w / h (mm) 3715 / 1660 / 1540
Weight 1040 kg
Colour Dark Silver
Transmission Manual
Alarm System
Board computer
Central locking
Electric windows
Manual a/c
Passenger airbag
Power steering
Radio CD with GPS and 10 CD holder
Side window airbags
Stability control
Start interrupter
Towing hook
Alloy Rims Summer Tires
4 Winter Tires

Aklymroofing answers:

Unless it has US emission controls on it you may not be able to get a license plate for it to begin with. I would check with the State you are planning to move to and see what you have to do to get your plates there. Then you will know if it is worth bringing it over.

Ruth asks…

NJ: violation of probationary license ticket!?

First off, Im 17 years old.

Last night, I was on my way home from a graduation party at around 12 o’clock. This kid asked me for a ride last minute because his parents are in the middle of a divorce and he didnt want to make his mother come to get him causing her to wake his little sister. Therefore, I said yes, out of courtesy. This made me have myself, my best friend, and this boy in the car. On my way to his house, a cop pulled me over for having tints on my drivers and passenger side window. Seeing that I was out past driving curfew along with an extra person, he gave me a Violation of Probationary license ticket. I have to attend court but Im not sure what to expect. Please help me!

Aklymroofing answers:

You’re good. Just don’t argue much, and tell the judge what happened in few truthful words. And pay whatever fine they charge right away.

Laura asks…

Car windshield and driver’s side window?

I was fishing and these kids i think that i seen had broken in my car, my friend and a van that was there. After fishing thats when i seen my car windshield and driver’s side window broken my driver side was broken into little pieces and my windshield had a big rock crack. I need help on how much would it be to fit every thing?…And yes i did call the cop and my insurance won’t pay for it. So if you can please help me found a price i live in 08882 NJ, my car is a 98 honda civic LX 4 door.
Thank you for reading and helping.

Aklymroofing answers:

Here, upstate ny, it would cost about 250. Less than 50 for the windshield from pick n pull in auburn. Then 200 or so to have the windshield replacement co come to the house and install the new windshield. And whatever the side window costs it costs, but you can put it in yourself in a hr or so.

Sharon asks…

How much should insulated vinyl siding cost, installed, in NJ?

I got an estimate from a reputable firm for siding. The estimate includes all installation, removal of the old shingles, soffets, capping of about a dozen windows, and new gutters made of of enamel-coated steel, with stainless screen covering them. The siding is heavy, not flimsy. and includes breathable expanded polystyrene insulation with an R-value of 4, as well as a breathable waterproof layer (better than Tyvek I am told). I was surprised at the cost. What is reasonable per square foot for 5,000 square feet?
Thanks much. I am told that you must not have a vapor “barrier” – material that does not permit vapor to pass through – because, humidity is trapped on the house’s side of the barrier, causing all the problems that you mention. The material that they recommend instead of Tyvek to me has vertical channels down which condensation (aka, water) should flow down to the ground. It is waterproof but lets vapor through, like Gore-tex. Clearly the correct way to install vinyl is a big subject! Their polystyrene also is designed to allow vapor to pass thru.

Aklymroofing answers:


My “Spidey Sense” is tingling big-time!

Have you had an energy survey done on your house?
Is there existing insulation in your walls?
Was that insulation installed with a vapor barrier?
Do you understand the concept of “Dew Point”?

Apart from the scope, cost and materials suggested – and I will not write to that at all – you run the risk of causing massive damage to your house if you go with the scope you suggest and unless other conditions are met:

a) There absolutely *MUST* be a vapor-barrier on the warm side of the exterior walls of your house. Either on already-installed insulation, as a separate film immediately behind the finish surface, or as an effective material on the surface of the wall (vapor-barrier paint, for example, with treated penetrations).

B) The insulation on the outside must be consistent in thickness and continuous without gaps.

Whether insulation is ‘breathable’ or not, moisture will precipitate on any surface that is on the cold side of the Dew Point (temperature/humidity combination where moisture in the air condenses). If there is no vapor barrier in place, that will be somewhere _within_ the cavity of your exterior walls. And that will be a _LOT_ of water. And your sills _WILL_ rot.

I will go stand in a corner and take my lumps if all this has already been taken into consideration and the issue of Dew Point addressed to your complete satisfaction. But if not…..

Mary asks…

1999 Grand Prix with heating, auto window, coolant problems…?

Drove my car all the way from TN to NJ, excited to finally having transportation after 4 years of leaving it in my parents’ care — and after giving them virtually no problems, it’s suddenly FALLING APART! Agh. Is there anything my boyfriend and I can do to try to fix these problems before heading to a repair shop?

1. First, coolant light comes on every few weeks. My parents said this was the case and they had it checked and no leak, and no puddles.

2. Then the drivers side window button got stuck. Finally got jiggled loose after pipe cleaning, etc under it, but now doesn’t work. Buttons next to it and below work fine for all other windows.

3. Heating only works 15% of the time suddenly. Sometimes works if turned fof for a while then turned back on, but rarely. Blows fine, no weird noises, just cold air. Is there a possible fuse to replace?

And the front right headlight went out overnight. Great. We’re gonna replace the bulb… hopefully that’s it. Any ideas on anything?
We do refill the coolant each time, so I assume it must be losing it somewhere; I doubt we’re going through coolant that fast.

And I didn’t think of the heater being a problem with the knob… might explain why it works occasionally.

Aklymroofing answers:

1. Is it losing coolant? It might not be puddling cause its going into the motor. Check the level and get back to us on that one.

2. The switch will need to be replaced, very easy,

3. The switch probably is going bad another very simple fix.

Just change the bulb

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Maria asks…

Best varnish for dolls house?

Hi, I recently bought my first dolls house and have huge fun decorating it. I painted the exterior with normal emulsion paint from the diy shop. I was wondering if I could varnish it? What sort of varnish is ok to use on the house? Just worried that the colour will change if I put the wrong varnish on, like white will go yellowish and so..
It’s probably silly question but i’m new to this so any advise is appreciated! Thanks guys.

Aklymroofing answers:


I just painted my daughters furniture in her bedroom with Dulux Quick Drying Varnish (water based).

Easy to apply, it hardly smells at all and is touch dry in less than an hour (in a warm room). It can be coated up twice in no time at all and its easy to wash your brush out too as it’s water based.

Here’s a link to the Dulux website.

It was quite expensive as I had to buy 2.5 liters (enough to paint a small room twice!).
You can get the same product with different brands which is probably the cheaper option but I can tell you, this is good paint.

Hope this helps
ps. It didnt turn yellow!

Mary asks…

Help ! please. House Painting Emergency !?

Yeah, okay, so im trying to paint the exterior of my home and i cant seem to find a color that i like. I was wondering if there was sites on the internet that i could upload my house picture and try colors on it from the internet, like you know helps you virtually out on makeup on your face and change your hair, i was wondering if you can do this with the color of you home to ? know any online sites??? Help pleasee ! the deadline for me to get the paint is tomorrow. 10pts for best answerrr !!! thanks :]

Aklymroofing answers:

I dont know any websites but all i can say is white and cream go with everything

Good luck 😀

Carol asks…

What color compliments a dark almost teal green?

I recently painted my house(exterior) I had in mind a house I once saw that was a dark green with a kind orangey wood looking but painted trim. It was gorgeous. Unfortunately I uh messed up on the colors and my green is pretty but too bright for an exterior color.It’s nice in low light but way too bright in the sun. I also picked too gold a color for the trim.
I can afford to redo the trim but I’m stuck with the green.’What color would be best with a dark green that is almost teal in the sun??
I will be so grateful for any suggestions… thanks

Aklymroofing answers:

I would recommend a beige or tan to compliment it.

Helen asks…

Would a green color look best with brick? What shade?

Just bought a house but hate the exterior color. It is 2 stories, the bottom half is brick. Not really red more orange. The top half is wood siding painted a terrible light mauve with white shutters. I was thinking a green would look great along with some sort of beige/Gold shutters.

I went to and used the colonial home first picture to try out colors. I came up with Roycroft Copper Red as a somewhat close color to the brick for the bottom half. I chose Marsh Fern for the top half and Humble Gold for the trim.
What do you think? It’s a one time deal, can’t afford to fix it if I don’t like it. If anybody comes up with something different feel free to let me know.

Aklymroofing answers:

What’s wrong with your face?

Charles asks…

Rate my space? I need opinions for home exterior. Thanks a lot!!!?

Hello everybody!!! Just wondering if I can get some feedback and some opinions on this home exterior. Also, can you please tell me what color paint would look best on the white pillars above the stone work?? My parents just recently built this house, so i’m just helping them out. Would appreciate if you give me some opinions in regards to what color paint would look best on the white pillars. I’m thinking black, but do you think there is already too much black? THANKS. I have them uploaded to my flickr account..please go through all of the pictures.THANKS again.

here is the url:

Aklymroofing answers:

I think you have enough black already (but not too much) and the white pillars look fine as they are.

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Carol asks…

Entry level FWD or AWD luxury car under $35000 that seats 4?

I’m looking for an affordable luxury car. Currently I like the Acura CSX with the tech package – which seats 4, is FWD, has USB and aux connectors, voice actived GPS/trip computer, moon roof and leather interior – which only costs $33000. I dont care much about horse power, as long as it has the same or more features as the csx for less or the same.

Aklymroofing answers:

Acura TSX=Very reliable and a great choice.
Acura TL
Infiniti G35x or G37x(x signifies AWD)
BMW 3 series x(x signifies AWD)
Mercedes C class 4-matic(AWD)
Lexus IS AWD

Realistically, most of these cars with the AWD option are hard to get for $35,000, but it is possible.

The Acura TSX and TL are the best bets.

Where I live in the U.S., your Acura CSX is known as the Honda Civic and Acura RSX.
So the TSX and TL name might be different where you live.

Michael asks…

How to Stop Roof Leaking?

Roofing leakages can happen to acquire a quantity of factors. These people usually start out smaller than average grow over amount of in time so that you can larger difficulties. Nevertheless, a good tiny roofing spill could cause main injury to your home. Besides building wet spot locations by yourself accomplished ceilings, best leaking might lead to mold and mildew growth in addition to get rotten. They’ll also may trigger power jeans.

Looking at concerning roofing leaking can be somewhat challenging. They are usually certainly not recognized straight mentioned before the particular wrecked roof location. Top dripping have a tendency to commence better on the roof covering and in addition present their own signs or signals additional straight across the certain roofline. Consequently for instance, you may notice any roofing get on your ceiling near the inner fringe of your own exterior walls, your leading drip might be above the particular roofline.

To avoid roof leaking, there are numerous options, from your most expensive (tear-off and also replacing the present top) to the most affordable (an instant patch). Nevertheless, there is certainly 1 option that may provide a water tight as well as aesthetically pleasing top although substantially growing support life: Ultimate Designs Layer Method.

As well as great appearance and also basement waterproofing, elastomeric films can also add a reflective surface area, that operates decrease hvac gear lots on temperature-controlled structures. The greatest Textures Coating System is especially economical compared to removing as well as replacing any top.
The best Textures Layer System Strategy:

Step 1: Inspect and also assess existing top problem
Step 2: Examine possibility of restoration
Step 3: Draft custom refurbishment specification
Step four: Nice excellent top
Step five: Set up reinforced cloth or perhaps group tape to any or all stitches and nails
Action 6: Re-seal roof transmissions along together using tape
Stage Several: Utilize the actual restoration layer bottom coating
Stage 8: Apply the particular repair coating best layer

Ultimate Linings industrial product formulations offer solutions for abrasion resistance,Epoxy Coatings, water proof coatings, blast resistance, hazardous materials containment energy, ballistic armor, chemical resistance,Protective Coatings, floor coatings, energy efficient insulation, Industrial Flooring, corrosion resistance, fire retardant and thermal barrier coatings.

Ultimate Linings LTD.
6630 Roxburgh Ave #175,
Houston,TX, 77041
Fax No. : 713.937.0052
Toll Free 800 989-9869

Aklymroofing answers:

Tackle a leaking roof as soon as you notice a telltale water stain or dripping water, and you’ll prevent greater damage to key structural members and other parts of the house. The nasty little secret about any roof leak is that water travels through a process called “wicking,” and its journey can take if far from the location of the actual leak in the roof. That means that finding the leak can often be the most challenging part of stopping it, but a little detective work will lead you right to the problem.

1 Your first step to finding the leak’s source could be a trip to the attic.
Check your attic, starting above where the leak appears in the ceiling. Use a bright trouble light as necessary to trace the path of the water to the point of origin. If your attic is finished, this may involve removing sections of drywall. In any case, the process is best done while the leak is active, such as on a rainy day.

2 Inspect the roof framing and surfaces around the leak, including along its path. Probe the wood with an awl to reveal any compromised framing in which the wood has rotted. Check for mold or mildew. Any collateral damage will need to be repaired after you’ve taken care of the leak.

3 Measure from the exact point of the leak to a reference point such as a chimney column or a roof vent. Use this measurement to determine the exact location of the leak on the surface of the roof.

*Quick Fixes
1 Spread roofing cement over small holes or cracks in asphalt roof shingles, or where the underlying felt has been damaged. Securely bed the shingle in the cement.

2 Get the clutter cleaned up before applying roofing cement.
Clean out debris from beneath warped or misshapen asphalt shingles and spread roofing cement under the shingle. Press it down with a weight so that it firmly beds in the cement until the adhesive dries.

3 Coat loose flashing seams with roofing cement to eliminate entry points for water.

*Replace Asphalt Shingles
1 Remove the damaged shingle. Pull it out slowly and firmly, being careful not to damage adjacent, intact shingles.

2 Pry up all the nails that held down the damaged shingle with a flat pry bar.

3 Cut the new shingle as necessary to fit the space. Lay a bead of roofing cement on the underside of the new shingle, along the top edge. Slide the shingle into position under the lip of the shingle above it.

4 Use 7/8-inch roofing nails for traditional shingles.
Nail the new shingle in place with 7/8-inch roofing nails driven in just above the tab slots.

*Replace Wood Shingles
1 Split the damaged shingles with a hammer and wood chisel. Pull out the pieces.

2 Slide a hacksaw blade under the shingles directly above the damaged shingles and saw through the nails.

3 Cut a new wood shingle or shingles to size. Coat the underside with roofing cement, and slide the shingle into position.

4 Wood shingles will require 2-inch galvanized roofing nails.
Nail the new shingle in place with 2-inch galvanized roofing nails and coat the nail heads with roofing cement.

*Replace Clay Tiles
1 To remove the damaged tile, you’ll need to create a little wiggle room in the row above it.
Wedge shims under the tiles in the row immediately above the damaged tile, and use a pry bar to remove the nails holding the clip for the damaged tile.

2 Break up the damaged tile with a hammer and remove the broken pieces.

3 Nail the tile clip to the roof at the top end, and slip the replacement tile under the bottom hook. Remove the wedge shims.

Mandy asks…

why is it that teenage parents?

get such a hard time for the fact they live in council accomodation?yet no one seems to notice that the mass of council property is actually bungalows in which oaps reside in.everyone needs a roof over there head regardless of the situation that leads them there.even if i had not been a teenage mum or a single parent now i doubt i couldve afforded to live anywhere else anyway.its affordable housing.not a handout.
i very much doubt that any young girl gets pregnant just for the housing as the council will not house you until you have babe in not thinking the idea of being pregnant+homeless appeals to many

Aklymroofing answers:

Hi, I didnt have my first child until I was 28 and had been married for 10 years. However im sick of people picking on tennage/single mums. Its hard being a parent and quite often they have been let down by family or men and end up in this situation which I dont think anyone would choose. Why shouldnt they have some help? Theres plently of thiefs, nonces and perverts out there you hear about every day getting help and support. All these women have done is get pregnant whether on purpose or not that their choice. Theres plenty of real scum out there to direct your anger at so get real people!

Lisa asks…

Building gambrel-roof home with 14′ sidewalls. Need recommendations for inexpensive siding that won’t?

…show seams. I hope to be able to install siding that will be affordable but yet will also not have seams that show. Given the fact that we are going to have 14′ tall side walls, I am not sure where to look. We are on a seriously restrictive budget. I have looked at some of the fiber cement products, but am still not sure what will fill my requirement. Any tips?

Aklymroofing answers:

T 111 plywood siding. The seams meet in a dado and looks continuous

Mark asks…

I have been saying for years someone should make fuel out of garbage. Has it been done & if so where?

when we were in school in like the 5th grade we had to come up with alternative methods of energy. I said trash-garbage. I mean think about it, all the landfills would be drastically reduced, we’d never run out since people always have trash, and unless conversion would be through the roof it should be affordable. Now I’m in my 40’s and I’m still saying it and don’t think it’s been done yet. Could it be done? Why hasn’t it been done, or why isn’t it being used more if it has been done.

Aklymroofing answers:

Tecnologically there are no obstacles to doing just that. There are a number of demonstration projects that have made fuels, such as ethanol, methanol, biodiesel and methane.

Unfortunately these demonstration projects were funded with government and private grants. They are not commercially viable.

There is just one small problem, and that is cost.

Several years ago I investigated several of these methods with the goal of investing some capital in a project that would turn waste into fuel at a cost that would be competitive in the marketplace.

The economic data is very hard to obtain. I was able to get glowing reports about the success of producing fuels that would work in a car or a truck, but I discovered that it was extraordinarily difficult to get the cost data to see if I could identify any processes that would actually be financially competitive in the market place.

The answer that I came up with is that none of the processes were competitive economically. The cost of operation was far too high for any of them to produce fuel at a price that would be competitive in the marketplace.

The lowest cost that I was able to identify was about $10 per gallon for the equivalent of diesel fuel.

Even though it has been a few years, I suspect that the same is true today. I doubt that the costs have come down enough to make the systems competitive.

Gasoline and diesel fuel will have to go up to approximately $10 per gallon or more before any of these systems is competitve with the fuels currently on the market.

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Ruth asks…

How do you get a Phone Line’s entry into the home from utility pole moved to the oppisite side of the House?

The house I just bought was built in 1958 and has phone lines strung sloppily under the eves. The main entry of the line from the utility pole to my house crosses the back yard from one corner of the yard to the oppisite corner of the house. The line hangs very low over the patio and rests on my roof at one corner. I would like to move that main line to the other side of the house, which would be a straight line from the pole to that corner of the house, and then the line would not cross over the patio. Who should I call, the local carrier, or an electrician? Since the breakup of Ma Bell, who owns these old phone wires? I live in La Mirada California.
Thank you,
Allen H

Aklymroofing answers:

The fact that it rests on the roof is the point you want to make when you call the folks that bill you each month. If they do not have jurisdiction on the line they will direct you to the company that does. Don’t weaken your case by mentioning that you don’t like the way it looks. Stress that it is laying on the roof. (I do agree with you in regards the sloppy way utilities are often installed)
When someone comes out to work on it you should (nicely) ask them to rework the entire run. They may chose to run it underground the whole way. IF they do, take pictures and make note of where it goes so that you don’t accidentally damage it someday. (You could say that you are considering installing a pool in the near future and would they route it in such a manner as to not interfere.)
Depending on their answer, attitude and the quality (appearance) of the finished work you could consider a small tip. Not required by any means, but some of us do go “above and beyond” for nice people, and a couple of dollars is always appreciated.

Richard asks…

What are the transport options from the towns/cities in the Peterborough/Cambridge area to Oxford?

I know that trains would require going into London and out, and I wonder what else exists instead.

I use the East Coast Main Line a lot and also have it in mind to sometimes visit a friend in Cambridge on the way, so I’m interested in options linking that general area with Oxford; I can use local transport or trains to connect to the most advantageous starting point.

Thanks! xx

Aklymroofing answers:

There is an hourly local train service from Peterborough to Cambridge taking 1 hour
There is a direct so called “express” bus from Cambridge to Oxford
Stagecoach X5 but it takes 3 hours 25 minutes
(Express train Cambridge to Kings Cross 45 minutes. Tube Kings Cross to Paddington 15 minutes. Train Paddington to Oxford 55 minutes)
Personally I would use the train for all these journeys taking advantage
of cheaper advance purchase fares where available and of course buying an annual railcard for a 34% discount on rail journeys booked in advance or not. Tel: 0871 200 2233 for bus/coach info

Daniel asks…

How to do a Job Seekers Allowance Rapid Reclaim?

I had to sign off because I went on holiday, and I was told I would have to do a rapid reclaim when I came back, but I’m not sure how to do this. Do I have to phone the main Job Centre phone line or phone my local Job Centre?
For annoying conservatives who just whine about how I pay for the holiday I didn’t my parents did, because I’m only 19 and still live with them.
Oh and it was cancelled but only because someone died in my family.

Aklymroofing answers:

Phone the main job centre phone line and tell them that you need to do a rapid reclaim as it is less than 26 weeks since your last claim. They will sort it all out for you and give you your appointment at the job centre

Mandy asks…

How Do turn my Voip into a multi line system?

I Currently use RocketVoip for my VOIP, with the plan I get 4 numbers for 29.95 including a 800#. All the numbers are tied to the main # so if you dial the 800 # it goes to the main #, however if someone else dials the local # it goes directly to the voice mail.

How can I set up my system to allow two calls at once?
I have a home office where phone calls are our life, and to be able to make 2 calls at the same time would be great.

Please help.

Thank you Thank you Thank you

Aklymroofing answers:

Your best bet is to contact RocketVOIP customer support.

I use ViaTalk, and they have that inherent in their system.

I have 2 lines that share the same incoming #, and they have a bleed over technology that allows the 2nd phone line to ring if the 1st phone line is in use

Check them out if you can’t get your company to work

Sandra asks…

Can I Access Main Drain Through Shower?

I live in a house that is about 50 years old. The main drain starts at the roof and there are no clean out ports on the ground, About a year ago, my shower backed up when the washer would spin. I called a local company out and the checked for a clean out port on the ground and did not find one. They had to snake it from the roof. The problem is now happening again and since my washer and dryer were relocated to a hallway closet by the previous owners, I think the washer drainage pipe and the shower drain is connected. The shower drain works but not fast enough to move all the water when the washer is spinning water out. I took the cover off of my shower drain and I am thinking that I can put the snake in at this point and access the main drain line. I don’t want to get on the roof and I am really not sure what port on the roof is the main drain line. Can I access the main drain line through this shower and slide it until I hit the clog? I don’t want to spend $200.00.
You took the trap off the sink but I cannot take the trap off the shower because it is under the foundation. Will the snake pass through the trap and go to the main line?

Aklymroofing answers:

The reason he went to the roof is the main drain is 4 inches wide your shower is 2 to 2 and one half inches so you will not clear out the full diameter if the main drain

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Helen asks…

What are the chances of having hiv with one sex parnter?

I have had one sexual partner my whole life. I’m 22 years old and became sexually active with him when I was almost 20. He has had more sexual partners and I knew that when I had sex with him (unprotected). Our relationship was off and on for two and a half years. The last time we had sex was in Novemeber of 2007 and we broke up a week after. In April (4 months ago) he performed oral sex on me. The night before he did this he told me he had been sick and his glands were swollen. He had a know on the bone behind his ear and I’m not sure what that was. I suggested he had mono but he said he didn’t think so. The next day he got tested for std’s and everything came back negative but he did have scabies and was treated. A few weeks later I noticed my vagina was itching. Ther was some redness between my labia and the fold. There weren’t any bumps but there were flesh colored spots. I asked a health professional and they suggested it was irritation and to use vagisal so I did and it went away in a week or so. I looked up pics and the irritation looked like fabroid cysts (not sure i spelled that right). As this was happening I also went to the doctor about a cold (swollen neck glands, itchy ears, congestion). She gave me an antibiotic and it cleared up. She also said I had allergies and gave me med for it. I already knew I had allergies bc I went to the doc for the same reason a few months prior. It was wierd to me tho bc I had never had allergies b4 this year. Since going to the doc that time I have been so scared bc I’ve looked up symptoms I’ve been experiencing and hiv is one of the possibilites that came up. I’ve had a white coating on the back of my tongue (that has mostly gone away), my neck glands are swollen, (right side only) my ears feel itchy every few days as well my throat being itchy and I also have frequent headaches. I’ve also noticed when I touch the back of my throat tongue towards my right ear where if feels like there’s a cave (it’s on both sides of mouth I don’t know what it’s called) is swollen. I also have herpes of the mouth and sometimes the roof of my mouth gets swollen with and without cold sores. I know that everything came back negative from his tests but I’m worried maybe it was too soon to test? I also think he used my toothbrush and am wondering if there is a chance to spread something that way. I know he’s had atleast 2 sex partners since we broke up. I’ve talked to him quite a few times since this and he seems to be doing fine but I’m afraid to ask if he’s having any symptomsl In saying this some of this could be attributed to stress as I am a senior in college and am very stressed with work and school. I just want a professional opinion on these symptoms without going to the dr again. Please let me know what you think asap!
I meant to say the irritation looked like fordyce spots. I forgot the right word and just looked it up. Also I feel like I have a cold like every 4 days or so. I’ve talked to my doctor and she says it’s allergies. Last time tho I was kinda feverish but there was stuff going around and I work with kids. About two weeks ago these flesh colored bumps came up on my left ear but went away in about two days. They didn’t itch but were somewhat painful.
He also fingered me and I don’t know if he had a cut or something on his hand if it would be possible to get it that way? I

Aklymroofing answers:

He would have to be HIV+ for you to become infected. Unless he was in the process of seroconverting. If so you could be infected. For your peace of mind go have a HIV test. It’s been plenty of time your past the window peroid. Good Luck-

Mark asks…

How can I build My Own Log Cabin Without Paying Loads Of Money?

Hi, I want to build a log cabin. Not for a home, but for a place to stay and go for the day, I don’t want to spend thousands of pounds for a home with full heating and electricity. I just want a Log Cabin with a waterproof roof. I know how to build the cabin and me and my crew (i hate saying crew, we’re not professionals, or gangsters, but it’s our group) but we have a lot of experience. We are going to be building this cabin after march. I want to know if there is a way I can get all the wood I need, including the siding, flooring, beams etc. Without buying into a massively expensive pack. I don’t want specially treated wood, or wood that has been cut and shaped to fit together. We can do all that. We have spent years in the past making hovels out of the wood we found and cut down, but for a cabin we will need straight pine, and there is no straight pine in the area that we are building it and it would take a long time to bring it up (plus it’s illegal to cut it down where it grows so we’re not doing that). Can anyone help me? Is there a place that I can buy unaltered, fully straight logs? Remember I do not need it to be finished or cut to fit together, we can take care of that and any gaps. We are very efficient at this kind of thing and we can make out own glue using plants and our own binding material. All we need is the wood. It has to be pine, and it can’t be altered. I want it to be as cheap as possible.

Help is appreciated and you will receive 10 points (I would do so much more if I could).

THANK YOU! I’ve already worked out building style, shape, and sizes and measurements, I want it to be 20 feet by 10 feet, with a roof and another small level, that is accessed by ladders. The walls will be 8 feet high and the gable another 4, the second level is just going to be a platform at the upper side. We already know how to do it all. But we don’t have all that money to spend on it. Remember we are used to making things out of what we find. But we want something better this time.

Aklymroofing answers:

I’m in the process of building a cabin out of 6×6 cedar beams. The majority of my materials have been purchased at deep discount at building material auctions. The amount of material to build a solid structure of solid wood is substantial. Many thousands of board feet.
You’ve got to step outside of the square and look for materials. Used utility company electric or telephone poles, storm blown timberland etc. Still, your ability to get those materials to your building site without access to transportation, ie, a truck or suv and trailer is haul is quite low. And, hauling isn’t free and neither is fuel. You may need to broaden your horizen and look at alternative construction. Cob construction, adobe, straw homes, or use less timber and fill in the walls with more conventional material.
In my case, I’ve hauled and loaded all of my material myself. Good Luck.

Thomas asks…

What’s your dream stable yard…?

Let’s say you have Unlimited money to spend on your rescue/riding school/breeding farm etc.
You’re building it from scratch, so you can put anything anywhere!
I guess I’m just interested in peoples equine passions :]
Do you already own a stable yard? If that’s your dream place, describe it!

Here’s mine:
So, you start at a quiet road, little traffic, only the odd 4×4 towing a horse trailer, or a passing hack. The roads are lined with lush grass and whitewash fences surrounding large pastures scattered with cows and sheep. You arrive at a large gate with little stone horses rearing either side. Now you go down a little lane, with private pastures either side.You can see various horses, contently grazing on the quality grass. you reach a 2-way road. 1 way is gated off; Down this private road , you reach beautiful gardens surrounding a large 3-story house. The door-knocker is a horseshoe. Behind this house is the large garden, and a small fenced off place down the path. This is like a secret garden, filled with flowers and willows, and a little run-in shelter. In this place is where the 2 old Shetlands graze (like the one at my real barn :D). Near the house we also have a private barn for the competition horses, rescues or my own private horses. If you go down the other road away from the house, you come to the 2 car parks, one for cars and one for trailers/ horse boxes. Directly down the path is the office with a greeting sign on it. The Office bricks are white wash with a trail of roses sweeping from the roof. In here is where the business is sorted, hats are given for lessons, where a small TV is to watch watch going on in the school and a miniature ‘shop’ where people sell their unwanted riding clothes. Behind the office is a beautiful, clean stable yard, consisting of 20 stables, all of which are occupied by school ponies. Our ponies are all shapes and sizes, and all of them have a kind nature and most do ‘Riding for the Disabled’ as well as lessons. Near the yard you have our large indoor arena for lessons and our outdoor ring (for lunging, or even ‘Join-up’) On the far side of the yard is the Hay barn (a large, red and white traditional barn), an Equipment storage and our muck heap. We have a large, secure tack room next to the office.
Behind all of this Professional facility are 3 different cross country trails, a specialized show jumping arena and a small dressage arena. And for my loyal grooms and helpers, a special little lounge above the tack room. Heated with a minibar and vending machines ( I wish my barn had this for the cold months! we nearly died in 2010’s snowfall :l) We also do small birthday parties with our ‘mini club’ (a bunch of 12hh and under ponies who have the right temperament for children), we do pony club, 4H, pony camp and own-a-pony days as well as training.
We sometimes even have little competitions for the people who loan a horse from us or have a horse at our livery. Competitions for lesson-students are on pony camp, pony club and 4H.
All of the stables have heated water, deep litter beds and have top quality, dust-free hay.

Aha, I’m getting all excited now :DD

Legit: Do you find a ‘flick’ brush that useful? I tend just to use the dady and body brushes, and they work fine without the flick brushes help.
Also to add, the lessons given are by me personally :] They are only £10 per lessons, and the lesson includes 1 hours riding and 30 mins pony care ( learning how to care for a horse, learning about the yard and Equipment etc)
I like the heated floor idea :]]
The riding school: The school has one side covered in mirrors. This are so the riders can evaluate their seat themselves as well as tips from the ground. There’s a separate storage cupboard by the school for the jumps, blocks and gymkhana game accessories. There’s also a seated viewing area for parents. The flooring chosen is sand and fine rubber mix, for the added springiness ;]

Aklymroofing answers:

Well, I could be typing for ages, so here goes:

Firstly, I’d have a barn with about 11 stalls. One spare for washing the horses/ cleaning tack, feed bowls, etc.

I like your idea of heated water, so I’d have that. Nice deep sawdust beds that would be changed every afternoon. Horses would be out in the pastures all day, except in extreme conditions. A separate barn full of top quality hay.

Then for MY benefit, a spare stable with all my tack, feed bins, rugs, etc. I’d have a radiator to keep me warm in winter, a kettle, and tea bags/coffee/sugar etc. A set of drawers for carrots and apples to go in. Then maybe some biscuits.

Anyway, back to the horses: mirrors in their stalls to keep them from getting bored during winter .. Heated flooring in stables and outdoor shelters. Personal poo-pickers for each horse, too.

Like I said, I could go on forever .. I’ll stop here though.

LQ: No, I don’t. I get along fine without.


I forgot about the arena. I’d have an indoor and outdoor. I like your ideas, so I’ll steal them if you don’t mind.

Ken asks…

Neighbours claiming they’ll sue?


I’m having issues with a neighbour regarding the boundary and they are making threats about legal action now so i’m just wondering where abouts we stand.

They have a tree that was over growing my entire driveway and brushing against my roof so i sought council permission to cut the tree and they agreed as long a professional did it and only up the the boundary.

The neighbours tried contesting the arrangement stating it was their tree.

They also have a hedge that is growing that they freely cut themselves and so we have also trimmed it. The problem being that it was so overgrown on our side from before we lived there that when we cut it, it left a rather large gaping hole in the middle.

Anyway we have just had the tree cut again and the hedge trimmed, both professionally, and they are claiming that we nearly killed the hedge the last time (i assume because of the hole, but it still has plenty of growth on the top) and that they will sue if any of the plants die.

I feel that we are only doing as they themselves do, so even if the hedge suddenly died off that it couldn’t be proven who killed it anyway. They don’t feed it or mulch it like they should for proper care.

If the tree dies, well, the professionals always did it. Plus, the roots of this particular tree is lifting my driveway.

What do you reckon our chances are of suffering a loss if they do decide to sue?

Aklymroofing answers:

First off, lets ask the question using English, you do not have issues, you have problems, forget all this issue rubbish. Now the law in the UK is very simple, if a tree or bush overhangs your property, you can cut it back to your boundary and there is nothing in law your neighbours can do about it. Also this is the good part, all wood etc from the trim belongs to the neighbour and you must give it back to them, so you dont even have to take the trimming to the dump. You are also free to cut the roots back to your boundary if they are causing damage to your property.It is always best to check with the town or city tree officer where you live in case there are tree preservation orders on in your area.

Mary asks…

help!! my dad is going to kill me!!! :(?

Ok for my media course I had to make a 2 minute trailer for a horror film and my dad has one of those cool professional cameras
I asked to borrow it and he gave me all this cool stuff to go with it, like you can changes the lens? (I think that’s what its called) to fit different environments like you can change one to when you are out side and there’s one when ur inside
Anyways I was filming on this roof because there is a great view and I was trying to change one of the lens and IT BLEW OUT OF MY HAND!!!!! It apparently cost like 200 quid!!!!! I am so screwed
What makes it worse is my dad was like your going to lose it and then I did, he really didn’t want to give me it :( I feel so bad I lost it yesterday and me and my mates have been everywhere looking for it and its gone :(
How should I tell him? He is going to be pissed of course but I still need to use the camera and I have to tell him course I feel awful and even if I finish my filming and everything and then tell him there’s a chance I am going to want to borrow it again =/
darn!! I do this all the time as well =/ I Always lose stuff
please help :)

Aklymroofing answers:

You could tell him how sorry you are and just explain to him that it wasn’t your fault and you didn’t mean it, and you will save up to pay him back. If he does not let you use his camera again then just borrow another persons camera, save up for your own or get a second hand one, or tell him that you need this to complete the assignment and carry on doing what you love, or you will fail the assignment.
Hope I helped! :)

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David asks…

Does Arkansas have anyplace to put a 13 year old Boy WHO NEEDS A BOOT IN THE BUTT?

My sons wives sister and her 2 BRATS live with them. The kids are 6 who is a HOLEY NIGHtMARE. And her 13 year old Son Is I can’t even find the words to describe this KID. He is the most disrespectful little JERK I think I ever met. He is abusive to the animals. Refuses to shower but once a month, Wears his clothes 2 and 3 weeks at a time. He is failing every class in school. His parents are divorced Because his mom messed around and got caught so his dad left her. It is pretty bad when the boy beat the crap out of his Grandfather and his Dad gave up custody and told the Court Systen to give him back to his mother. In the 10 months they have been at my sons house he has took my grandson bike and ran off 3 times coaxing my 11 year old grandson with him.Who is really a great kid. Our grandson is a Straight A+ Honor role student. And has been taught what manners are. This 13 year old has broke into a Neighbors Camper, snuck out the bedroom window and went up the road to meet his lord knows who. Coaxed my grandson to cross a 5 lane highway and go 3 mile up the road to his friends. They got caught coming back across the street. My son was coming home from work and the 13 year old ran across the road in front of our son. He slammed on his brakes and slid 5 foot to keep from hitting this kid. The speed limit is 60 mph on this section of road. I am glad our son was paying attention and seen the boys before he hit them. He stays up all hours of the night and keeps our grandson up. We were at my sons house last night he was out in a brush pile beating up old boards and breaking things just to show he could. The landlord has a Camper stored in the Side yard and my son who is 28 seen the boy kicking at the door and hitting the window with a tree branch trying to get it open. When my son yelled at him and told him to get in the house and leave the trailer alone he got defiate and came right up to my sons face and told him GO AHEAD HIT ME YOU AS****** I know you want to. Then when our Son told the kids mother what he done she told him to get his ass to bed he just stood there and went to my grandson room and was mean to the cat. This boy is failing every class in school. I told my son I would report him to the police, Because if something gets tore up around the rental apartment he lives at and their landlord finds out they can charge our son for Destruction of property. But he does not want to do that because then the boy will have a JDC record. My 2 granddaughter say the 13 year old comes in their room at night they are 6 and 7 and he comes to them and makes them give him their money and goes through their stuff taking what they have. He would stay on our grandson playstation 2 for hours so my son took it out of our grandsons room and took His TV also. I told my son that is not right to our grandson to loose his things because of what his cousin does. Makes our grandson feel he is the one in the wrong. My son is at his whits end this boy is causing all sorts of problems at their house. And his mother just got diagnosed with MS so now she sits on her lazy doing nothing. Except beat her 6 year old with Tree branches and slap her in the face and pull her hair every time she does something Bad. The 6 year old sprayed carpet cleaner in my granddaughter face last night and my sons sister in law spanked our granddaughter for being a tattle tial. Said she was just getting her daughter in trouble. But my granddaughter face smelled from the chemical. And the 6 year old told her mom that my granddaughter sprayed her with it. But their was nothing wet on the 6 year old just our granddaughter. They are just Brats. But When I say anything then I am in the wrong. Can i call in a report to the police about this 13 year old and thing I have seen him do or would it help. Or come back on my son because he and his wife and 3 children are the only ones on the lease.I have turned in the woman for Abuse of her 6 year old 10 times one year. I have seen her drag the child across the yard by her hair, beat he across the legs until blood poured. Hit her with a 1/2 inch Dowel stick, slap her in the face and black her eyes. When asked how the child got so many black and blue marks she told DHS the child is just clumsy and falls alot. The DHS worker questioned our 3 grandchildren and they told her Aunt M does this to Sara and she hits her with sticks and she slaps her in the face and pushes her down the porch steps, and tied her to a tree in the yard like a doggy so she would have to play by herself. But DHS sent me a letter told me No found logic of my complaint. All bruises justifiable and dropped it.
My son is married and this is his wives sister and her 2 children moved in on them 10 months ago. My son has a 6, 7 and soon to be 12 year old that live in the aprtment. He has done everything even threatened to leave and his wife was so polite as to as if he wanted her to help him pack. But she will not kick out her LEECH of a MOOCH sister. and now she is trying to cause trouble in my marriage as well. She has ordered me to watch these 2 demon this summer for FREE. I told her Not ONLY NO BUT WELL NO

Aklymroofing answers:


Let’s see, we have a messed-up mom, kids getting beaten, evidence of mental and/or emotional illness.

First off, if anyone gets injured, straight to ER. Establish a track record of injuries. They have to follow up, by law, if there’s evidence kids have been beaten.

There are illnesses that can cause radical, even violent, behavior that respond well to medication and therapy, so it’s doctor time for the kids who are acting out. I don’t know that the boy needs a boot anywhere — looks like there’s plenty of hitting going on, and how exactly is it helping?

Your son may have to lay down the law, something only he can do an only when he’s decided to. He does get a say in how he lives, after all, and “Nobody hits anybody or abuses anyone” is a fair rule to lay down.

Your son needs to talk to a therapist about the kids and how to deal with them. What you’ve all been trying is not working. Before you all end up on the 6 o’clock news, see a professional who can help you untangle this mess.

Lisa asks…

Was justice served in this Arkansas case?


Pressly, 26, was attacked early Oct. 20, 2008, at her home in Little Rock. Her mother, after she did not answer her phone, went to her house and found her daughter lying in blood, she had been hit so hard, blood was on the ceiling. She heard her daughter whimpering while she was trying to stop the bleeding.

A doctor discovered that her face shattered “like an egg” during the attack. “I could feel crunchiness” while examining Pressly’s face, he said. A photo he used showed her nose pushed to one side.
Pressly, the co-host of a morning TV show was hit so hard that a tooth — root intact — flew to her bedroom floor. Another blow crushed bones in the middle of her face. Another shoved her jaw backward, leaving her brain starved for blood.

The examiner also said Pressly’s left forearm had an abrasion, consistent with being held tightly, and that her left hand was swollen, blue and broken in five places.

A nurse testified that during the examination she couldn’t tell that Pressly was a woman.

“Her jaw was over to the side. It [her face] was not symmetrical,” Pressly entered the hospital bleeding from the sides of her head.

A doctor testified that Pressly’s face was “not recognizable as human.” And her “nose was so badly crushed it didn’t look like a nose,” and her jaw was so far dislocated that it appeared to be part of her neck, doctors spent 2 ½ hours stabilizing her.

She suffered five skull fractures.

CT scans taken after the attack showed that her swollen brain gradually died. By Oct. 25, 2008, the day Pressly died, her brain was so swollen that no blood could enter.

Jacqueline Vance Burnett, 46, his mother said that his behavior was due in part to her addiction to crack cocaine, and abuse he suffered by her. She was a crack-addicted whore who didn’t take care of her children, and this was supposed to be an ‘excuse’ for this animal. Vance’s lawyer, had urged jurors — who had convicted Vance a day earlier of capital murder, rape, burglary and theft of property — to have the “courage” to not impose the death penalty. She seems to agree that it’s ok to do this to someone as long as you had a “hard childhood”

This is a piss-poor excuse for justice. The only person who came out golden here was the defendant, Vance. He will be fine in prison, We all know the real reason he got off was because he was a poor, poverty-stricken, un-educated, piece of crap who had a bad childhood. He should be locked in a cell with no light, no bed, no mattress, no television, no books, no internet, no window, no clothes, no visitors, no mail privileges. He should not be allowed to have any hot meals for the duration of his life, only cold sandwiches. He should not be allowed any medical treatment for any reason. If he’s sick, let him die.

By the way: when these lawyers were selecting jurors, they were asked if they would be able to give the death penalty, and all of them answered yes. I guess some of them lied.
Dont think you understand, this guy DID all of these things to her, and life was all he got. If you look at the trial cases for other people on Death Row in Arkansas, they didn’t do a fraction of what this POS did. Anyone in AR knows the real reason he got off.

Aklymroofing answers:

This is another case of political correctness hindering the good that should have been done.

Maria asks…

What can you do for your fish if you loose power?

I just got my first 10 gallon fish tank up and running. It’s been cycled, and I have added a few fish (a school of 5 tetra to be exact), and I plan on adding a dwarf gourami sometime this week.

I live in an area (Northern Arkansas to be exact) where at least once every winter we have a really bad ice storm, and loose power. Last year we were hit so bad, and I live just far enough out of town, that we were out of power for two whole weeks!

Because the fish I am putting in my tank need both a heater and a filter, what will happen if we loose power this winter? Is there anything I can do to prevent my fish from dieing if this happens? I figure if the power is only out for a day or two, we can keep it warm enough in that part of the house that they could possibly make it. (If it’s real cold and we loose power we have a fireplace on that side of the house, and sometimes crack the windows and bring in a kerosene heater). But I’m worried that if we loose power for longer I will loose all my fish from lack of heat or filter.

Is there any extra measures I can take to ensure the safety of my fish if this does occur? Can anyone give me any information about this situation?

Any help would be very helpful!

Thanks before hand!
Generators are expensive, and since this only happens once, sometimes twice a year, we don’t see a point in buying one.
My mother’s workplace gives employees generators in a crisis like that, but there is only so many to go around.
Last year we still went almost a week and a half before we got a generator!

There is NO emergency power supply. We live out in the country.

Aklymroofing answers:

Fish will be fine with out a heater for a few days…. I had a broken tank heater a while ago in the middle of winter and i couldnt get to the store for a few days because of work and they were fine. For the filter, you can get an ammonia neutralizer. Its a liquid that you drop in according to the tank size. For the bubbler, they have battery operated bubblers you can get.

Whatever you do, dont add warm water while power is out, the rise and fall of temperatures could stress out the fish and send them into shock. If the water cools down slowly for a few days, it should be fine…. But adding warm water, then it cooling down, then adding and cooling down…. You get my drift…. Stress happens and then you get ich when they are stressed and shock will set in as well… Then you have a tank full of dead fish.

A kerosine lamp might not be a good idea either, 1. It could melt the glue/ caulking holding the tank together, and 2. It could create warm and cold spots in the tank and that can be stressful.

If ur worried about the temp of the tank when the power goes out, i would wrap a blanket around the whole thing and maybe tape it on so it doesnt fall off. Do it as soon as the power goes out to hold in the heat as long as possible until the power comes back on that will slow down the cooling process so the fish wont get so stressed out when it cools down.

Well i hope this helps u out and good luck when u lose power :)

Donald asks…


In “An American in Mexico” Alex Espinoza tries to connect to his vague memory of his Mexican roots. After thirty years of living in California; Espinoza travels back to Mexico to find a part of him-self and clarity on the lifestyle his family once lived. When he arrived in Mexico, Espinoza was astonished by the great contrast of the bare four brick walls his family lived in. In comparison to his modern childhood home in California. Espinoza wanted to understand the life his elder family had lived in Mexico, but all he had was blank memories and foreign pictures. In this piece, Alex Espinoza tries to express that in order to connect to something you must truly experience it for yourself. After reading this essay, I realized that I can relate to Espinoza in many ways.
As I child and teenager, I had lived in the Creole city of Chalmette, Louisiana until an unfortunate event had occurred that changed my life forever. On August 29, 2011 Katrina struck my city and had destroyed everything in its path. It was a catastrophe and the erred reality that everything was gone had played through my mind over and over. Luckily, my family had many friends in Arkansas, so we went there for salvation. I remember the ride to Arkansas; it was long and mundane. When we finally arrived to our destination, I jumped out the car in exaggeration for fresh air, and I paused at the country scenery that over powered the small town. I looked around in awe at the vast terrain before me; the hills rolled for miles, the grass coated with a yellowish tint, and the cool crisp air made me forget all about my lost home. Yet, when I had walked in my new Cabot apartment; the sadness crept in like a forgotten cause.
It has been said that pride can destroy all things and I for experience can say that it follows that claim accurately. My family had been given an apartment and its small bare white walls sufficed nothing to my culturally rich home, but we stayed regardless. It was not long before friends came into my life. Though, I never considered them true friends-I hated upon them. My family and I would joke about their accent, nonchalant ways, and most importantly their cowboy boots. The people of Cabot spoke words such as “Dew”, “Yonder”, “Whuhyy” which made me feel superior to them in all aspects. They were very nice almost too nice at that. The people of Cabot welcomed me with open arms and I still turned away at their offer. Something was missing in me; the natural essence of Arkansas was not enough I was homesick. The three years that I stayed in Arkansas had seemed to pass by overnight and before I knew it I was finally going on my way home.
During that trip back to Chalmette, I was fueled with adrenaline and excitement to go back to the place I had loved so dearly. I began calling old friends before I arrived home, and I fantasized about the happiness that my family and I would bring. As the hours passed, we grew closer to home, and with every second my mood dulled. It was almost like a movie or a bad dream, because with every mile the scenery became darker, cold, naked, and dead. Every tree was bare and bent in the direction that the harsh winds from Katrina had blown. Trash slowly accumulated along side of the road, and boats were left crashed on shore. We passed the sign to enter my most favorite place in the world Chalmette, Louisiana, and the scent of mildew and waste filled the car. When we arrived to my house; my brain took a few seconds to register what I was witnessing. I was home, though this place reminded me of the ruins. My house looked like a rundown shack with missing shingles and broken windows, and the yard was a jungle of creatures living in over grown trees. Immediately, I sunk to my knees in retrospect of the clean little town of Cabot, with its beautiful woods and lakes. The smiling faces of the people and their foreign accent that set me apart in such a special way. That reality was now just a memory, and the true reality of my home sweet home stood stagnant in the debris of left behind from Katrina.
What I truly learned from this experience is to never take anything for granted. Like Espinoza I had a hard time relating to a place that was once my home. Through the experiences good and bad I still came out of it with a well defined term of myself which is adaptable. Now that I have been back in Chalmette since 2009; I learned to cope with being away from Cabot. After all, this is still my home and it has influenced the basis of everything that I have ever known. From now on I try to embrace everything that comes in my life, and at times I look at Chalmette for the beauty that remained in the middle of a catastrophic breakdown.

Aklymroofing answers:

Very good! I enjoyed reading your essay. Keep up the good work.
Him-self (should be one word)

Paul asks…

I have three simple Qvestion, please, yes…?

1) Vhere to find Vild Vonderful Vomen?

2) Why Kansas is called Kansas and Arkansas is pronouned “Ark-an-saw? Ain’t that silly? What a horrific double standard this is, yes? To add insult to injury then there’s Texarkana, now how is one to know whether that’s in Texas of Arkansas, yes?

3) Why does the Glock 9mm have no “real” safety, why, silly, yes?

*Who loves you, ladies? Remember, you mustn’t hate the player. We are all judged (whether by our posterity or by the Holy Divinity, the choice is yours, but hating INDIVIDUALS only hurts, it doesn’t help. It’s one thing to hate doctrines, but we mustn’t hate/judge others lest we be judged (Windows 95).

Umm.. Okay, as y’all know, I love the ladies and to learn about them, but I’m at a great convention; G. Guglielmi is the keynote speaker so it’s interfering with my learning about the ladies.

The food situation is good. Breakfasts are wonderful. Delicious lox & whitefish salad (sadly no fish & chips, by eh, what can you do)? Excellent Georgia pulled pork, delicious.

I miss the ladies 😉 West Side!

Aklymroofing answers:

1. In west virginia. Vild, and vonderful vest virginia.

2. The rules are the bloody rules.

3. Get .357 magnum, problem solved, yes?

4. I am west virginia’s finest, no?

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Helen asks…

About how much should it cost to have my main sewer line drain unclogged?

I tried a drain snake myself today, but the clog is too deep and I can’t reach it. I need to call a plumber tomorrow, but I am pretty sure my drain just needs to be cleared with an electric drain snake. (I think there are old tampons in there.)

I will probably call Roto Rooter or a local plumber. About how long will it take for them to unclog the drain, and about how much should it cost?

I live in Auburn, WA- near Seattle.

Aklymroofing answers:

Probably about $100. It probably won’t take an hour.

Joseph asks…

Anyone know a reliable taxi service in Stouffville Ontario? The local cab companies here suck!?

I live in Stouffville Ontario near Tenth Line and Main St. I need a taxi to get around and there are two taxi companies up here but the problem is they both suck. they’re always late, the cars always smell bad and the drivers are rude.

Does anyone know of a taxi company in Stouffville I can count on?

Aklymroofing answers:

All taxi companies are bad and All taxi drivers will ripp you off if given the chance. Buy a car or stick with public transit.

By the way, I just went to the site and although i won’t be calling him anytime soon (I really don’t like cabbies, Ive been lied to and ripped off way too many nights) I did leave some of my own horror stories on his forum if anyones interested. Knowing how bad this industry is, I’m sure this forum will fill up pretty quickly.

Robert asks…

I’m doing a Poll on phones. How many of you have dropped your local phone line in your home or business …..

and now use only your cell phone for your calling ? Have you found this to be working out for you or do you feel the cost of the landline phone was worth it for your phonebook ad that you may have lost by keeping only your cell as a main contact source? I am not aware of the way some area phonebooks are handling this but I am aware that yellow pages are taking your cell numbers as listings. I am also wondering about fax machines and how you are handling your system on this. I have both plans but the cost is getting out of control and I am thinking of going to a plan for my cell with the business # since I have it on me all the time anyway. What’s your feelings on this ? I would love to hear your answers whether it’s home or business related.
Whoa, if it’s too much to read , why answer ? I feel it’s a serious poll and if you don’t want to take time to read and answer you can move on.

Aklymroofing answers:

Home- I haven’t had a home phone line for 4 years now. I only used the phone line at the time for the internet- then we got high speed so we didn’t need it anymore. Saved us about $50/ month. The only problem with only having a cell is losing service/ dropped calls. There are some areas in our house that get poor service.
Hope this helps!

Chris asks…

How can I make a difference this Christmas?

I’d like to give to someone less fortunate than me – can you suggest a good local charity that might need new, tangible goods (toys, gifts, etc.)? Also — where is a good place to volunteer time? I live in the Main Line area. Thank you!

Aklymroofing answers:

Contact your local women’s shelter. They are many, many woman and their children there coming out of absolutely horrendous situations. Many shelters allow the mom’s and kids to stay there for a bit until they get on their feet. They have nothing but each other. The children have witnessed some of the most gruesome beatings and mistreatments of their mothers, not to mention being the recipient of beatings (and sometimes worse) themselves. I organize a group effort in my office every year. We get a head count of how many people want to participate in the office, I call the shelter and ask them to give us the names, ages, sizes, etc for the amount of kids we can take on. Each employee shops for “their child”. We wrap the gifts, mark them from “someone who loves you” and deliver them to the shelter. People get so into it, that they donate not only the specific gifts for their child, but they donate used clothing, small household items, and even food staples. We usually have to take over 2 van loads of items. ANY shelter that you call will be more than happy to accept your gifts. It is a tremendous feeling to help out at this time for these families that are so badly in need. In fact, my office is so wonderful about it, that we’ve begun making donations throughout the year as well. It’s a great “community’ project that brings a lot of people together. Those that have, and those that don’t……

Donald asks…

Water off due to local water main break..question..?

Is it best to leave a couple faucets cracked open while it is off to prevent air pressure build up in lines, or just leave all faucets off? I am always worried about a pipe breaking due to the air in the lines when the water is turned back on.
Thanks in advance.

Aklymroofing answers:

We learned to leave the water off until they got finished with the work and flushed the lines when they were done.
The work crew always turned on a fire hydrant to flush the main lines when they were done—to get rid of any mud, rust, grit etc that may have been in the line during the work. If you run water through your lines first you end up with more crud in your lines…plugging your filter.

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Ruth asks…

What is the best exterior paint? What finish should one use on the exterior?

My home is 2200 sq ft. I will be painting the exterior of the home which is 18 years old. What is the best primer, paint and sheen to use? There are just so many options! Also, what should a bid include from a paint contractor? The ones that have come out are bidding labor only and telling me to get the paint. Is that standard?

Aklymroofing answers:

I am also a contractor and the paint being extra is pretty common because they would have to add twenty percent to the paint cost to make sure they dont bid too little paint and get burned, i prefer all latex paints because of drying time and simplicity the sheen is usually a semigloss on the exterior i prefer to use Benjamin-Moore or Sherwin Williams paint just because you will have to buy less and will last longer the bid should include all materials and labor except the cost of paint and do not change colors half way through or will be costly

James asks…

What’s the best brand of exterior paint for a steel door?

I have to paint a new steel door with vinyl trim. I know I’ll only need a quart for the door and sidelights. The door will come already primed. What’s the best exterior paint? Does Sherwin Williams make a good exterior, or should I look elsewhere? I need it to last. It’ll be a white color. Thanks.

Aklymroofing answers:

Sherwin Williams makes multiple grades of paints that would be suitable to what you are looking to do the most durable product would be an oil based type because the hard shell created when a oil based paint dries is very durable. Sherwin Williams makes a water based alternative called Proclassic Waterborne which is a product that cleans up with water but has durability of an oil based product. You would want to apply this to your door using a brush to trim in with and a foam type 4-6″ roller cover SW carries both of these at there stores. The other advantage is that it won’t chalk like a standard oil base paint. Another Sherwin Williams alternative would be Super Paint exterior this is a fabulous line of product that also comes in an interior line of products easy to use and has excellent coverage. Both of these products come in quart sizes and are economical priced for the cost use the same brush and roller cover to apply. You will also need to scuff sand the factory primer to a dull finish for proper adhesion of the finish coats. I noticed in another question you had you were asking about a good interior product for your walls Super Paint would work as well as a product called Cashmere it is a product that Sherwin Williams developed to lay down extremely smooth on the with excellent coverage

Nancy asks…

What brand of Exterior latex paint are the best for home?

I’m painting the exterior of my house and am wondering which is the best exterior acrylic latex paint available for wood siding on a house. I’m looking into the new BEHR nano-guard acrylic latex exterior paint but also heard that Benjamin Moore was pretty good as well. BEHR offers lifetime warrenty and Benjamin Moore offers similar warrenty eventhough no paint last more than a few years, does that means longer warrenty stands for better product?

Aklymroofing answers:

Not really but you are looking at two good paint choices. If you are looking for a paint to last a long time then make sure you prep the area to be painted really well.

Betty asks…

What’s the best exterior paint for a humid and sunny area?

I live in NC. Majority of the year it’s humid and very sunny. I need an exterior paint that won’t fade quickly, is known for it’s good quality and only needs 1 coat.

Please give me the name and your experience with the paint. thanks!

Aklymroofing answers:

The major brands (Sherwin-Williams, Dutch Boy, Benjamin Moore, etc.) have durable paint. The key to not fading is the color you choose. Most colors tend to fade quickly in a southern climate. Drive around your neighborhood, or your city, and note which colors seem to last better.

Lisa asks…

what is the best exterior paint?

prime or don’t prime that is the question.
enveryone gives me different advice.
it’ s aluminum siding .Also why is some paint 40 dollars a gal and others 22 dollars a gal how can I judge the quality ,just by the price?

Aklymroofing answers:

I have always had the best luck with Benjamin Moore paints. I was a professional painter for many years, and this was by far my preference. Even after giving up painting professionally, I go out of my way to get Benny Moore, and recomend it to everyone.

They use a high density base, so the paint covers much more evenly, and in many cases you only need one coat of paint. Beautiful finish!! They are just a little more costly than Sherwin Williams, but being that you will most likely use less paint in your application, it’s well worth it.

You may have to look around to find a dealer, but it really is worth it.

You shouldn’t need to prime if the surface is clean, and there is already paint on it. Regarding the quality of paint, you really do get what you pay for. The $22 paint will look old and ragged after just a year or 2, and you will have to repaint again! Go with the higher quality paint (Benjamin Moore), and it will last MUCH longer.

For advice on cleaning the surface, see this answers thread:

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Donald asks…

Has competition helped make health care affordable in the US?

According to Paul Ryan,Republican VP candidate,Medicare needs some competition in the form of private insurers to keep it from going bankrupt. I have not used Medicare yet,but I have plenty of experience with competitive insurance,and all I have seen is costs going through the roof. What do you think?
Some answers here suggest elimination of insurance,at least the government sponsored kind,would solve the cost problem. But many other countries have government sponsored health insurance plans with mandates and their costs are much lower than in the US. What gives? Why is the US in such a quandary about this issue? Are we really this dense,or is the problem so out of hand that it is unsolvable now?

Aklymroofing answers:

The health care industry in the US is broken. Health care spending has risen from 5.2% of GDP in 1960 to 16% in 2007 and is still rising. Switzerland is 2nd, spending around 11% of GDP. No healthy industry behaves that way. A healthy industry that experiences high prices will draw additional suppliers, and high prices will encourage efficiency and consumer rationing. None of these things are happening in the health care industry today.

1) The US is aging. The baby boom generation and medical advances mean more older people, which means more chronic conditions that need more care. This causes demand to skyrocket, and basic economics tell us that raises prices.

2) Third party payment, wherein the average American uses insurance to pay for most of his medical costs, means that consumers have no cause to ration or search for alternatives to control costs. Every healthy industry is a balance of power between supplier and consumer that controls costs. Third party payment breaks this balance since both the supplier and consumer have incentive to over-spend. This is made even worse by the employer health care tax deduction which means it’s really FOURTH party payment.

Making the employer deduction into an individual deduction instead would help this problem, but not solve it. MSAs (Medical Savings Accounts) would SIGNIFICANTLY improve the problem. Any such deal must be accompanied by short term spending to offset this as well as rules to make insurers unable to drop covered people who have been paying dutifully during good times (one of ObamaCare’s few good parts).

3) Doctors, and other medical professionals, take a large investment of time and money to create. Economists would call this an inelastic supply. The American Association of Medical Colleges says we face a shortfall of more than 150,000 doctors over the next 15 years. Basic economics: supply shortages create higher prices. The average medical school graduate begins their career with more than $295,000 in debt. It is expensive and slow to make new doctors.

We can help this problem by changing immigration law to bias in favor of those with medical training and making our licensing requirements skills-based so that foreign doctors with the necessary skills, regardless of where they went to college, can come to the US and practice. This will increase supply and lower prices. We can also subsidize medical college for those who go on to practice in the US.

4) Foreign drug laws. Most foreign countries have price controls on drugs. This is why drugs are cheaper in Canada and Europe. It also is why we pay more. Because we, and we alone, are financing the R&D that has produced the amazing revolution of improved medical outcomes that has helped our society live longer as well as improving the quality of that life.

If we use simple price controls, we will be putting the genie back in the bottle. We will see a much slower rate of medical breakthroughs. It is a choice of priorities. We cannot have both…unless we can get foreign nations to pay their fair share.

5) Medicare, Medicaid, and soon ObamaCare all push prices up. ObamaCare will do it through a host of new regulatory costs and requirements. Most significantly, the rule forcing insurance companies to accept people regardless of pre-existing conditions ensures that people will not seek insurance until they are sick, which breaks the insurance business model and will result in bankruptcies.

Medicare and Medicaid stimulate demand. The government spends about HALF of all health care dollars, so any inefficiencies in these programs have MASSIVE effects. We almost certainly need a program to fill this need, but these programs are unlimited benefit programs that are riddled with waste, fraud, and abuse.

Even the states defraud these programs through a variety of schemes to bring federal dollars into the state. One famous example is doctors overcharge, and then “discover” the overcharge later and reimburse only the state, and pay a small penalty (the mob would call it a “piece of the action”) to the state for their error. The doctors keep the federal overpayment, and the states tax them on the extra income and get the fee. Both profit at the expense of out of state taxpayers. When CMMS has tried to close this loophole, Congress has prevented them from doing so.

6) It would also greatly help if the states would embrace market reforms. Right now, most states have restrictive rules on the industry that raise costs such as licensing rules that prevent lesser trained, and therefore less expenseive, people perform tasks that are within their skill level. Many prohibit interstate competition which effectively creates less competition, and less competition means higher prices. There are dozens of small rules that have negative effects.

Lisa asks…

What is a reliable, quick, nice and affordable used car?

My ’92 Camry has become too expensive to keep legal. It is time to purchase a new vehicle. I’m looking at used vehicles because that would fit my budget best. What I’m looking for is a car with less than 100,000 miles, is statistically reliable (view Consumer Reports link) is less than 7000 dollars and meets the following requirements:
is quick (preferably 0-60 in under 7 and is standard),
gets good gas millage (30+ miles per gallon highway)
has a sun roof
leather interior
and last but definitely not least: girls will think is sexy.

does such a car exist?

Aklymroofing answers:

If you have a medical question, ask a doctor, if its personal, ask a caring parent. If its cars, ask someone who works on a variety of vehicles–not just one make or someone who has only had 5-10 vehicles in their life. I see all sorts of vehicles in my auto repair shops with all sorts of different problems. Some are design oriented, some are because people just dont take care of their own vehicles. There are a lot of changes before you in the future transportation wise, especially with the mfgs reorganizing or going out of business, electric hybrids, and some going in or out of businss. When you are about to get into the vehicle market ask to speak to some of the service managers off to the side where they can give you some personal attention to their answers to you. Donot go to dealerships or biased sales market businesses. Go to independant, but large volumn car repair facilities and find those service managers. Ask them these questions: maintenance expenses, common failures, complaints by owners of the vehicle, you know their experiences for those available cars on the market. Remeber though, we dont usually see vehicles start to come into our shops for repairs and maintenances until they are about three years old as the dealership will have warrenties and programs for the new owners to take advantage of. Another tip: I personally have found the consumer reports advertised to be biased, or totally incorrect to what we actually see comming into our shops and getting repaired. Go with an authentic experienced view on your future vehicle decision.
Today the most reliable vehicle combined with least demanded maintenance….and price competitive parts when repairs have to be made would be in this order: Toyota, General Motors, Nissan, Honda, Ford…
Not everyone will agree with me but this is MY answer through MY experiences alone, everyone will have their own which I can appreciate.
A good first or any car for that matter, would be most any brand which has been historically well maintained–this is more important believe it or not than the brand you end up getting.
Good luck with your quest, and I hope this helps arm you with an experienced advantage deciding the vehicle best for you at the time you are shoping for your transportation.
The sexy depends on you, not so much the car. If you maintain/develop the proper relatable personality girls will seek you no matter if your just walking. If its just the car—soon as the car goes away, so do your girls if all they were interested in is the paint, or wheels, or stereo, etc. Proof: Have you ever seen a beautiful sexy girl with a shabby-long-haired hippy looking guy wearing t-shirt and sandles with no air of properity? Kinda makes you think about that, huh…..
Be the guy that directs the movement of the crouds interests and passions, keep your B.O. In check and then pick your girl even before you pick your car!! Hey!

Sharon asks…

How reliable are cloth roof rack boxes?

I’m looking at rooftop storage for my explorer. The ones that are affordable are all made out of cloth. How reliable are these for heavy highway travel?

Something like this:

I will definitely follow instructions and install this properly, but does anyone have any bad experiences with these? What is the max speed to travel with one?

Aklymroofing answers:

They are reliable but make sure you get a waterproof version. I have been using one for years. Mine came from bass pro shops its square which alllows for more room. And go big, you can always strap it to make it smaller. The one I have has a bunch of adjustable straps and tie downs plus a semi padded bottom to reduce damage and scratches to your car. Also it has two different ways to tie down on the car. Either on a rack or it comes with special buckles that strap to cars without racks like on the back of a trunk or roof using the hinge spaces. They can take highway speeds easily. Here is a link to the one I have.

Laura asks…

Would you like to see all people have the following things?

A job
A roof over their head
Food in their stomach
Clothes on their back
affordable Health care
Are you an extreme right wing fascist?

Aklymroofing answers:

I wish that everything was great like that

Lizzie asks…

What is the best sports coupe car?

I like the look of the mitsubishi eclipse and nissan 350z like the smoothness of the back. I’m looking for something affordable for a first car (3,000-6,000) and that a relatively good looking. I don’t like the chevy cobalt and how the roof and the trunk make a 90 degree angle. Help me find one!!!

Aklymroofing answers:

Acura Integra’s are reliable and nice sporty looking cars. Mitsubishi’s are good cars too. Also, look into a nissan 240sx, those are nice, good cars too. And by the way, you will NEVER find a 350z in your price range!!

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William asks…

How To Install Coal Stove Pipe?

We are thinking about getting a coal stove to replace our oil furnace. We don’t have a fireplace, so we have to look at other options. We live in a typical 3-story house. We would like to put the stove in our living room (bottom floor) and have the stove pipe go out the side wall. We can’t run the pipe through the ceiling and roof. Would we have to run the pipe all the way past the roof? What are our options? Thank You.

Please don’t respond with ignorant answers…I know it’s tempting! I am going to speak to a professional later, but I really want to know now.

Aklymroofing answers:

Yes, a stove pipe usually has to extend past a roof line, so it gets a good draft. If you don’t have good draft, you can easily get smoke coming back down the pipe. Not a good thing. You do need to consult a pro, not least because an improperly installed stove will make trouble with your insurance company. I’d consult before you buy a stove, just to make sure that what you want to do will do what you want it to do, and to see how much it will cost. The oil furnace might be a better deal than you think it is.

Lizzie asks…

Dead Bat..rabies or cold weather?

Live in Southeast Texas. Went outside last night to cover my aloe vera on the side of the house. Another house is just beside ours. I heard a LOT of squeaking sounds. I immediately thought– bats. I’m thinking they are coming in the attic that is above our garage, the side of the house where the garage is there is that vent thing for the attic. Of course I didn’t have batteries for my flashlight so I could see anything, was really dark last night.
This morning when I woke up, went outside to look around, GUESS WHAT I FOUND….a dead bat on the walkway! It is currently 22 degrees outside. Of course we are not used to this kind of weather at all around here. Do you think more than likely it died from the cold?
And what the heck am I supposed to do now? I have about five thousand dollars I am supposed to be spending on dental work for my son and roof repair/dry wall. I can’t afford to have a professional come out right now to rid of these bats. And on top of that I’m sure my house is not completely rid of small holes and such for them to enter into another area. Should I wait until winter is over to deal with the bats? I’m worried about bat crap and the toxicity everyone talks about. UGH….
I wasn’t sure what category to put this under…I am really stressed out about this. I understand bats are important in this world, especially with all the mosquitos we have around here…but I don’t want them in my house!
My friend said I should call the city and tell them, but I can’t afford to take care of this right now so what should I do?
Really? So in the UK if that were to happen, what about toxicity and mold from the bat guano and the risk of rabies? OMG doesn’t that stress people out there if this happens?
Also….I picked it up with a trash bag and pulled it inside out and tied it up. Not fun for me..

Aklymroofing answers:

You can get screening material that is small meshed, real flimsy…picture a wind sock seen at an airport… Basically you are creating this wind sock shaped tunnel to place over the hole they are using to get in….make the sock several feet long, so as when they exit the hole they will find their way out the sock, but because it hangs a few feet below where they enter and the opening should be collapsed, they can’t figure out how to get back in.

Mark asks…

What do you think of my story?

There was an old, battered tavern called the Phoenix’s mug. It had been there many years, old yet kept in repair. Battered oak planks covered the outside, timeworn and knurled. A cheerful bright red bird decorated a sign handing above the door. Going inside, it was deceptively larger than the outside appeared.

A large, crackling fire burned bright in a river stone hearth. Many a townsman sang and danced amongst the tables, drinking large amounts of the fiery red ale the Phoenix was known for. They were lost in a carefree world of happiness and multicolored bubbles. Almost all were having the time of their lives.

There was one, however, who had not lost his soberness in his cup. A lone boy sat in a corner table. Deep filthy red hair cascaded down his shoulders. Profound sadness was etched into his young features, plainly visible from the drooping shoulders, the low breaths, and the hollow eyes.

Hector had lost one very dear to him, a man named Talus. Talus had meant everything to Hector. After Hector was declared an orphan, Talus took him and raised him to the man he was. Over the years, he had taught Hector useful skills, such as sword fighting, hunting and fishing. Now he was dead, and Hector had no one to look up to.

What could have happened? The thought swirled around in his head, taunting and tormenting him. Despite being in a secluded world of misery and self blame, he could see every detail of the room. Minute grains of the wooden table were like a pattern within a pattern. Candles guttered weakly on the tables, casting their light in small pools. Unconsciously, his finger traced across the rim of his untouched mug.

Hector felt himself was to blame. If he had been there to help Talus…

I could have saved him. His entire being burned with the fire of revenge. It consumed him, driving all thought from his mind. But all it gave him was more frustration and helplessness. He had no one to unleash it on. The killing had been quick and quiet. Not a witness was to be found, or if so, they were silent.

Talus had been found in a ditch, throat slashed open with a thin dagger. His body was white and stiff. No one knew what had happened; all that Hector knew was that he had been murdered by a professional killer. Talus had been a fierce and deadly fighter, and was not one to lose fights.
Left hand gripping his sword hilt, Hector rose. He could not just sit here and mope. It drove him crazy. He needed to do something. Swiftly he made his way through the rambunctious farmers to the door. He lifted the wooden latch, and stepped outside.

The night was clear and cold. Impossibly bright stars adorned the heavens, unmasked by any clouds. A soft breeze fluttered Hector’s hair slightly. He took a deep breath, exhaling slowly, and ground the palms of his hands into his eyes.

He loved this weather. It reminded him of Famin, his hometown to the north. Many a night he had spent with Talus, counting the stars and naming constellations. The memory almost brought tears to his eyes, and Hector shuffled onto the road.

Going through the streets, Hector looked at the unique build of the houses. The houses were unpainted, rough oak planks strapped to the sides for extra insulation from the harsh winters. Stone chimneys also poked through the roofs, many of them issuing thick gray smoke. Some of the windows were lit, illuminated by unseen candles and fires within. There weren’t many people in the streets, all either bedding or at the tavern. Light from the moon illuminated his way, casting everything in its silvery glow.

As he stepped, Hector’s heavy riding boots made soft taps, echoing through the dark alleys. Clutching his thickset frame were black leather pants, shirt and vest. They swished softly in the breeze. A large dark cloak pinned to his throat flapped menacingly as he walked. Strapped to his belt was a long straight scabbard, within rested his steel sword.

Soon Hector was well and truly lost within the sprawling maze of buildings, but he cared little. Walking drove the thought of his dead friend out of his mind, and he was grateful for it. But, as he kept going, he heard soft footsteps behind him.

Thinking it to be his echo, he kept going. Soon the footsteps were closer. Hector, sure this time he had a stalker behind him, whipped around.

The street behind him was empty. Nothing was seen to his keen eyes, but he drew his sword. He may need it soon.

The sound of metal on metal rang out as he drew his sword, which shone brightly in the moonlight.
“Show yourself!” he shouted, staying his ground. A shadow detached itself from a wall, and walked into the middle of the street. There it stood, silently staring at him.

Hector was a little afraid. The thing was dressed all in black, with a hood drawn up over its face. A faint and haunting whisper came from where its mouth would be.

“Who are you?” Hector shouted, stepping backwards, but still facing the creature.

Aklymroofing answers:

It’s good and you set an interesting mood here, so I enjoyed reading this. The first thing that sprang to mind in the story is that it seems like something should happen to make him suddenly decide to go on this hunt. It’s up to you, but it seems to happen out of nowhere.

A few things that jumped out as I read it, nothing major. First, the bird seems freshly painted while the rest of the tavern is decrepit. It could still be cheerful, but maybe weather worn too. You use Hector’s name a lot in one paragraph, perhaps edit down a bit. A suggestion you could take or leave – if you don’t go into the details about Talus’s death, it might be more interesting to have that information come out later on in the story. It’s good, but a little mystery might be good here.

Writing about the weather so early on is bordering on cliche, so be careful with that. At that point, while it’s enjoyable, it hasn’t gotten to the hook yet. The hook seems to happen at the end, so I’d suggest having it happen sooner. One sentence you could edit out ‘He may need it soon.’ It’s obvious why he’s drawing his sword, so you simply don’t need it.

As a whole, really good job here! Keep it up and good luck with it.

Charles asks…

I have a 1999 Honda Civic 4dr EX with a blown engine. Replace with salvage motor or sell as is?

I have a 1999 Honda Civic EX 4 Dr. Sedan with a blown engine. I am debating whether or not to put a salvage engine with less than 100,000 miles into the car, or to sell it as is with the blown motor. The blue book value of the car (185835miles) with a working engine is $3295 according to Kelly blue Is it going to be worth it for me to spend the $2000 to put a new engine into the car, and then resell it? or should I just try to sell it with the blown motor? What is it worth in either scenario?
•185835 miles Blown motor
•Minor paint, window, body damage (less than normal wear for a car of this mileage damage)
•Aftermarket stereo (JVC) with mp3 aux, mp3 disc, sat. radio capable, remote control, aftermarket speakers front doors and back 2 6x9s.
•When engine was working had remote start/key less entry. Key less still works and so will the remote start with the new salvage engine.
•AC recharged last summer, both ac and heat work great
•4 New tires 6 months ago (less than 5000 miles on them) stock alloy 5 spoke rims
•Cloth Interior is faded/stained with some damage to door panels. There are some burns from cigarettes, but the smell of cigarettes is almost non-existent; cleaned extensively with upholstery cleaner regularly. Driver’s wheel shows signs of wear on the top section of the wheel.
•Power windows, locks, mirrors are all fully functional. Cruise control and powered sliding sun roof.
Maintenance records kept extensively since 2009, somewhat beforehand. I have owned it since it had 13600 miles on it, so only two owners total. Maintenance has always been kept up on it, but I only have kept full records for the past 3 years. I do have some of the records from before this, but they are incomplete. Maintenance was always done by a professional shop, and not by me. The car has never been in a serious accident of any kind. Had a small door dent popped and smoothed out by a professional shop in 2002; it was like a 3Inc3in ding that I’m still not sure how it got there. Backed into a truck in 2003 and had to have the right rear taillight replaced. Muffler and catalytic converter were both replaced last year as well as 2 of the oxygen sensors. Also, had the hood latch assembly replaced. I pulled it too hard once and cracked the handle; they had to replace the entire assembly. Did have a rear spoiler, but it was destroyed when pushing it out of the snow back in 2006; not my greatest moment and was pretty stupid on my part to push it by the spoiler. Had the spoiler removed and the holes it used to attach through in the trunk repaired and patched by a professional body shop. You really can’t tell that it even used to have a spoiler anymore. Brakes are less than a year old, as well as the battery. Driver’s side mirror was taken off by an H3 Hummer at one point, but this was also repaired by a professional shop. Car was garaged up until around 150,000 miles when I moved to a house that had no garage.

Please, let me know what you guys think I should do, and thank you very much for the help you offer. I greatly appreciate any assistance. 02814 Rhode Island if anyone is interested in the car email me

Aklymroofing answers:

With a blown engine, the car is not worth much. Plus, the car has a lot of miles on it. I doubt you will be able to sell it for $2,000. If you can, great. If not, your other alternatives are to sell it to a junk yard for $200 or donate it to charity for a $500 tax deduction.

Thomas asks…

How can I build my Log Cabin Inexpensively????? Where to buy cheap wood 10 Points.?

Hi, I want to build a log cabin. Not for a home, but for a place to stay and go for the day, I don’t want to spend thousands of pounds for a home with full heating and electricity. I just want a Log Cabin with a waterproof roof. I know how to build the cabin and me and my crew (i hate saying crew, we’re not professionals, or gangsters, but it’s our group) but we have a lot of experience. We are going to be building this cabin after march. I want to know if there is a way I can get all the wood I need, including the siding, flooring, beams etc. Without buying into a massively expensive pack. I don’t want specially treated wood, or wood that has been cut and shaped to fit together. We can do all that. We have spent years in the past making hovels out of the wood we found and cut down, but for a cabin we will need straight pine, and there is no straight pine in the area that we are building it and it would take a long time to bring it up (plus it’s illegal to cut it down where it grows so we’re not doing that). Can anyone help me? Is there a place that I can buy unaltered, fully straight logs? Remember I do not need it to be finished or cut to fit together, we can take care of that and any gaps. We are very efficient at this kind of thing and we can make out own glue using plants and our own binding material. All we need is the wood. It has to be pine, and it can’t be altered. I want it to be as cheap as possible.

Help is appreciated and you will receive 10 points (I would do so much more if I could).

THANK YOU! I’ve already worked out building style, shape, and sizes and measurements, I want it to be 20 feet by 10 feet, with a roof and another small level, that is accessed by ladders. The walls will be 8 feet high and the gable another 4, the second level is just going to be a platform at the upper side. We already know how to do it all. But we don’t have all that money to spend on it. Remember we are used to making things out of what we find. But we want something better this time.

Aklymroofing answers:

Have you considered building a cordwood cabin. I built a potting shed for my garden out of small diameter logs (ashe juniper) that were left over from where I cleared the area for a house. Cedar logs would work also. I pealed and cut the pieces to length in a 12 inch chop box and stacked them in mortar in a heavy timber frame of 4×6 and 6×6 lumber salvaged from a large wood deck that I had torn down. I used the salvaged 2×6 deck joists for rafters and plates. Lots of labor but it was a fun project. I bought the concrete block for the foundation and the masonry cement and sand for the mortar and the metal roof. The windows were old single glazed sashes from another remodel projects where they had replaced the windows. The floor was concrete brick pavers laid on the left over sand. There are a couple of books out on the technique.

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Helen asks…

window tinting? IN MARYLAND?

1989 mazda b2200 (pickup truck)….with 4 windows (windshield, 2 sides, and the back)….i want to get my windows tinted……can i get all 4 tinted LEGALLY……what are the laws in MD

Aklymroofing answers:


Sharon asks…

CAR tinted Law please help?!!!?

I bout car yesterday. but it was first owned in MD (ford Taurus 4D sedan 1998.) the problem is the car window are tinted. I worried to get a ticket if the tinted were not the legal % in VA .. I did some resersh I find that :
Maryland Window Tint Law
Windshield Non-reflective tint is allowed on the top 5 inches of the windshield.
Front Side Windows Must allow more than 35% of light in.
Back Side Windows Must allow more than 35% of light in.
Rear Window Must allow more than 35% of light in.
Virginia Window Tint Law

Windshield ::::: Non-reflective tint is allowed along the top of the windshield above the manufacturer’s AS-1 line.
Front Side Windows:::::Must allow more than 50% of light in.
Back Side Windows::::: Must allow more than 35% of light in.
Rear Window::::Must allow more than 35% of light in.
it looks like MD law exactly like VA is that mean i m save ?!! please help.

Aklymroofing answers:

It looks like the law differs for the two states for the Front Side Windows
Md = Front Side Windows: Must allow more than 35% of light in
Va = Front Side Windows: Must allow more than 50% of light in.
But again, we would need to know what’s on your car to know whether you are violating the law or not.

Lisa asks…

can anyone tell me the setback requirements for montgomery county or prince georges county in maryland?

i am planning to move and build a home in either the silver spring/takoma park area or the bethesda area or the college park area or the largo area. i found a floor plan that will work for my family that is less than 45 ft wide and less than 60 ft deep. can any one direct me to a website or give me a response on this question. it is a 2 level home with around 2200 square feet heated. i am also hoping to have a finished basement. there are really only two windows on just one side so neighbors wouldn’t be a problem. i would prefer to live within city limits if possible or just outside city limits.

Aklymroofing answers:

Go to the courthouse if it’s convenient. Otherwise call. Yahoo Answers is not the best source of that information.

Mandy asks…

Looking for plant suggestions for bush in full shade infront of house zone 7?

The front of my house is a blank and needs some bushes to be attractive. The space is approx 30 foot on the right side of the front door and has two windows. The left saide of the house after the steps has my koi pond and makes the right side very blank. I’d like to plant a bush or hedge type plant there. Something with color, not thoes ugly bush ever green things. Not to tall so it dosent block windows or can be trimmed. The kicker is that its full shade because the way the house sits. Zone 7, Maryland, sandy soil.
Anyone have an suggestions or ideas? It’s not quite spring here yet so I have plently of time to plant.

Aklymroofing answers:

Hostas (medium-tall height), also try to get variegated leaves so not all green. Alot of them have attractive foliage (Patriot, Lady Marmalade, Wide Brim, Brim Cup, Revolution, etc).

Bleeding Heart, also comes in golden leaves now and not just green types.

Azaleas, Brunnera Jack Frost, Astilbe.

Hydrangea, Hornli and Cityline series come in shorter plants now about 2-3 ft.

Are you sure that the area is in full shade all year? Even in winter-spring? If the area gets sunlight in winter-spring, you can plant spring flowering bulbs for colors like daffodils and crocus.

Annual plants like Impatiens, Caladium, Coleus will bring colors in summer too. Also you can get plants with variegated foliage for colors like Variegated Liriope (great for border), Euonymus Blondy, Vinca Minor Illumination or Lamium for groundcover.

Robert asks…

Is a medical waiver for window tint legal in other states than the one it was issued?

I have a medical waiver in Delaware and I’ll be traveling to Maryland often and then to Florida in September for college. My tint is 5% front and back & 15% on the sides which is illegal without the waiver in all three states, plus the ones in between. Would I be fined for driving in other states even if I have my Delaware waiver? I don’t want to get a fix-it ticket as I need the tint for migraines.

Aklymroofing answers:

The previous responders are correct.

Check for the other states here, and make a copy of the rules just in case.

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Chris asks…

i am open to be Criticized so please rate this. (begining of my novel) {that i least hope to be}?

After the war had ended everything had changed for common people. From Curfews to lock-downs. The world was a new place, No, not the world but just us. America. The world had turned against us. We had nearly started a nuclear war and had actually fired one on ourselves. We looked like retards compared to what we used to be, and now we’re trying to make up for lost cause. Me and my brother where watching the evening news on channel 7 with our back-packs still on. We did this every day after school while we waited for mom to get back from her second job at the local buffet down the block. We would sometimes stop by to say hello on our way home but often didn’t because her boss was not so keen on us just walking in as he say’s. so we watched the news with john Moreno and carol Shaws to see the latest news. We often would get a snack as well but not today. Today they where releasing the latest law, they would have new ones almost every other month. Then carol said “and in the latest news they have enforced a new law that will change everything we do…after these commercials.” me and my brother sighed. It was as if the news was now American idol I had remembered my mom had once said she wanted to look like carol. My mom was the average looking 34 year old with long curly red hair so red it looked purple in the dark. She had a fine cheek line and chin, she was about 5 feet tall and 7 inches. She was very lean so much she could look 20 if she tried hard enough like she did when she went to the bar to get dates. She had gone there every other weekend since my fathers death. We had tried not to talk about it much we had grieved and passed on long ago. We didn’t like he going to the bar but she did, what was odd was she never brought any one home and was always back at exactly 11:30 with a dead rose. She thought we where asleep but we would just quietly sneak our way through the kitchen to see her and then walk up rubbing our eyes and acting tired saying “hey, sorry I woke, I love you and good night.” then walk to our room and lay down and try to go to sleep staring at our wall. My brother basically owned the room, the only thing that was mine was my bed and dresser filled with clothes in random drawers. He had posters all around with band names like Pink Floyd and led zepplin, I was never to fond of that gene of music though. Our room was the basic shape and only had one window near the door on the opposing wall which my brother had faceted with tin-foil to stop light since he said “it made the room look cooler” I personally did not agree with him but he was older so he over ruled me. The main light source was his mass amounts of lava lamps old and new that he collected. He had one that I really liked it was a tall and slender blue based lamp with dark orange lava and a greenish colored water inside, with the initials ELO written it dark lettering along with in a lighter tone light years written below it, I had just guessed it was probably another band that I would also probably not like as well. Than I heard “and now back to channel 7 news with carol and john! So, john what is the new law?” said that low announcer voice you always heard. “well, the government has announced that all public vehicles must now have an Air lock and three 46 hour oxygen tank as well with compressor in case another nuclear incident occurs.” john said as a picture of a oxygen tank showed on the screen. “yes, and also our city busses will be some of the first affected by this new law, but don’t worry the tanks are not noticeable and only turn on if the emergency switch which has been hooked to all drivers is pressed and will not stop until oxygen runs out.” carol soon said following. “hey! Maybe tomorrow we could ride them!” before I could answer carol then said “and, in buss news buss #4A route will be different due to heavy construction on the west Salem bridge. The route will now go through river road and back. But don’t worry only vehicles over 6 tons can not cross the bridge so only no busses, heavy load trucks and trucks with boats or anything of that sort can not pass” “well, looks I got to go fishing next week huh, carol” john replied. They both laughed. “hey, see we could take route 4a and just hang out on the buss” my brother proclaimed my Older brother Michael; was 15 and had shaggy brown hair, he was about 5’7’’ and had deep brown eyes. His hair was often very greasy or as he just said oily. Me on the other hand I was 10 at the time and was about 5’4’’ , unlike my brother I had only about two inches of hair contrast to his seven or nine inches. I had very intricate hazel green eyes. My brother had hair covering his ears my hair was basically buzzed except the clunk of hair up front that slowly decided closer to the back. His hair was more…free spirited. Just by looking at him you could tell he did and what he liked and had fun doing it. When you saw me I could say you saw a young boy who loves his family and relies on the world for my actions. “yeah, I guess that’d be fun” I replied “sweetness nick!” my brother yelled at me settled. We then heard the doors handle jingle. I ran towards the door at full speed to see my mom right as she walked in. my brother sat there just as before watching the news talking something about flood season. “hey, honey. Did you do your homework?” my mom sad as I hugged her tightly. “yep! And me and Michael are going to go ride the city buss tomorrow after school is that okay with you?” I said as I let go and looked out the window. “hmm, okay but make sure you’re careful” she replied unsteadily. “has the weather come on yet?” she than said. “Yeah mum! Heavy rain tomorrow than sunny so possible floods. But Portland’s aquarium is shutting down I guess” my brother shouted from the other end of the house, he eavesdropped a lot, and frankly he was quite good ?at it. “thanks Michael” she said with a laugh in her tone. “EAVESDROPPER!” I yelled across the room. “inside voice! and go to your room!” my mom said because I did that, her tone went from happy to just plain mad. I marched to my room, “but,” I tried to negotiate. “no buts, GO, or it will be your butt.” my mom yelled at me. I almost wanted to say I thought you said inside voice? but didn’t because I knew what would happen. I sat there listening to my mother and Michael laugh. I was just stating the facts right? I had nothing else better to do so I just decided to turn the radio on. Than a burst of music came at me like a wave. “SEA OF SORROW, MIND OF DESTRUCTION TASTE.” a loud voice yelled. Alice in chains. I scrambled to find the off switch, I pound a small switch, I flicked it. Worst idea, I read it right before it did what it was supposed to. Mega Bass. My brother like lloud music. And when he was babysitting he would turn it up so loud, sometimes one of his lava lamp would shake and often fall, but not even him would press that. “YOU WILL, WILL, WILL, WILL, NOT,T,T,T” the mass vibration from the bass even caused the C.D it was playing to skip. Next thing I knew I was on the ground on my knee’s holding my ears. My eyes where squinted but I could still se my brother run in and press a un-conveniently small button on the left side with that power sign you saw every-where. “I told you never to touch my stereo!” he quickly yelled at me. I sat there. I noticed I was sobbing, but managed to say “Sorry! I didn’t mean to do that.” before I could finish my excuse my mother came in.

Aklymroofing answers:

1. Why is this in Philosophy? Because Immanuel Kant used 300 sentence paragraphs, too?

2. Have you tried to get any critiques from writers, teachers, editors, or other writing professionals?

If the answer to # 2 is no, then please speak to one about your writing. This is not the proper forum.

Mary asks…

Border agents are told not to apprehend incoming illegals and this is a failure to do so, why?

So how can we believe that the numbers they are telling us are the truth when they are manipulating them?
Should they be turning these illegals around or letting them enter as they do?
How are apprehensions a failure?
Isn’t this a matter of national security?


Insecuring the Border

By James R. Edwards Jr.,
Fox News recently made an exclusive report confirming that Border Patrol and Homeland Security officials are manipulating apprehension figures.

That is, border security agencies are forcing Border Patrol officers not to apprehend aliens attempting to cross the Mexican border illegally. You read that right: Let them go, never touch them.

Rather, officers routinely “TBS” (turn back south) would-be illegal aliens. On orders from supervisors, Border Patrolmen don’t even try to arrest, detain, or apprehend many border jumpers.

Arizona’s Cochise County Sheriff Larry Dever and Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu asserted this fact. The Janet Napolitano Homeland Security Department put its propaganda machine into high gear, launching a denial campaign full of cynically repeated talking points and sanctimony.

But more than 100 current and former Border Patrol officers and lawmen have confirmed the sheriffs’ assessment.

* “This is nothing new, during my career with the border patrol, this was done regularly. . . . By assigning agents to different tasks, locations, etc., the apprehensions can be increased or decreased dramatically,” wrote Dan McCaskill Jr., a retired Border Patrol agent who worked in the Anti-Smuggling Unit.
* “Do some in management play games with numbers and cater to the wishes of politicians like Janet Napolitano and David Aguilar? Resoundingly, yes. Time for the foolish political games to stop.” (From the National Border Patrol Council Local 2544 of Tucson website.)
* “Just remember, for years now we have been told from the highest ranking managers in our agency that ‘every apprehension is a FAILURE’ (Johnny Williams – former INS Western Region Director), and that we ‘are NOT immigration officers’ (current CBP Deputy Commissioner David Aguilar to Border Patrol agents when he was the Chief of the Border Patrol)…. We have been told that Apprehensions = failure, we are not ‘immigration’ officers, we should not ‘lower’ ourselves to the status of an immigration officer, and our primary job is not apprehending illegal aliens. Couple all this with Secretary Napolitano’s recent public announcement about what she expects our apprehension numbers to be this fiscal year, and it’s not hard to figure this thing out.” (from the National Border Patrol Council Local 2544 of Tucson website)

Why would the government demand nonapprehension? The main reason is to lower the statistics. TBSing gives the (false) appearance that the border is more secure – that fewer aliens are attempting illicit entry – that border agents are capturing a higher percentage of those trying to come in – that the official line claimed from Washington by this administration about our having effective control of the southern border is actually true. The “proof” lies in the official number of apprehensions.

Napolitano has asserted that the U.S. has established “operational control” over much of the border, even making such a claim with a straight face before the House Homeland Security Committee. But Congress’s investigative arm, the Government Accountability Office, has concluded that we only have actual operational control of 129 miles of the 2,000-mile U.S.-Mexico border.

With falsified statistics, the Obama administration hopes to hoodwink the American people into going along with mass amnesty. The scam doesn’t seem to be working very well.
I have worked on farms. I still go to local farms and pick my own vegetables and some fruits. I can my own food so illegals are not. I buy my meat from local butchers I have known all my life. What does this have to do with allowing more illegals in and not enforcing laws?

Aklymroofing answers:

It is all a numbers game.

What most people do not realize, but is somewhat touched on in the article is that if a sector has high numbers they are not considered to be doing a good job. The sectors with the lower numbers of apprehensions are considered to be doing better. There is a twisted logic to this. The thinking is that if there are lower numbers, fewer aliens are trying to cross in that sector.

And to dispel another fallacy that an answerer here has touched, the vast majority of apprehensions by the Border Patrol are not considered “deportation” when counting numbers. The only ones that are considered deportations are the ones that actually end up with court cases and are deported by the courts. The majority are just identified and return to the closest port of entry, not counted as deportations.

That last sentence is very important within the context of this article. If we are just trying to turn them back with out apprehending them we are missing the opportunity to identify them. Catching killers, previously deported, child rapist and the like. We are also able to track where they tried to enter previously, when they are caught on the interior and how many unsuccessfully attempts have been made.

***Oh, and as a side note about Obama Jr. Administration deporting more than previously deported. It is not because of him but in spite of him. Every year, every president for many years has deported more than previously deported. G.W. More than Clinton, Clinton more than Bush Sr., Bush more than Reagan, etc.

Maria asks…

What do you think Catholic church in middle of immigration reform issue?

HAMILTON — Nowhere was it more apparent than at St. Julie Billiart Parish Saturday, June 19, how much the Catholic church has placed itself in the center of the immigration debate.

Inside the church’s bingo hall, hundreds of Mexicans lined up for passports or Mexican IDs at the Mobile Mexican Consulate’s Office.

In front of the cathedral on Dayton Street, dozens of activists marched along the street with picket signs, some reading “Immigrants welcome. Illegals go home.”

The Rev. Manuel Viera said the church for years has agreed to host the consular office “as a way to serve the community here, very much in line with the teaching of the Catholic church.”

“We have a higher authority to attend to,” he said, surrounded by the organized hum of more than 100 people asking questions and filling out forms in Spanish.

One of the main functions of the consular office is to issue consular IDs — issued by Mexico without concern for immigration status — that Mexican residents can use to open bank accounts or access hospital services in the U.S.

“So at least they’ll now have some official government document to identify them,” Viera said. “The alternative is they’ll buy IDs from people who sell fake IDs.”

In an open letter sent out last week, Most Reverend Dennis M. Schnurr, archbishop of Cincinnati, outlined the Catholic church’s controversial view on the issue.

The Wednesday, June 16, letter states the church must respect national borders and laws, but “the Catholic Church also teaches that all human beings have a right to migrate.”

The letter is critical of the current immigration system, saying there are too few paths to legal citizenship and those who are here illegally are left “living in fear, hiding in the shadows.”

‘Thou shalt not lie’

“I’m very much opposed to the Catholic church’s opinion on power politics and greed,” said Joe Macke, standing on Dayton Street with a sign that read “Viva Arizona SB 1070,” and waving at honking cars as they passed.

The new Arizona law requires local law enforcement to ask people stopped in the course of enforcing other laws about their immigration status if there’s reason to believe they’re in the country illegally. Butler County Sheriff Richard K. Jones and state Rep. Courtney Combs, R-Hamilton, are working to pass a similar law in Ohio.

“Any country that doesn’t protect its border will soon be no country at all,” said Macke, who called the consular IDs “an absolute farce … because it’s not recognized as a legal document in this country.”

The cards, called a Matricula Consular, are issued without any check of someone’s immigration status. They can be used to open a bank account and access other services. They are not a work permit, and are not recognized by the U.S. government for Social Security, welfare or other social programs.

Macke is a member of the Southwest Ohio Patriots, which organized the protest. He said he has seen Americans lose jobs to illegal immigrants, and wants the problem fixed before his 14 grandchildren grow up.

Down the street, in front of the church’s towering steeple, Hamilton resident and fellow protester Bobby Knight called it hypocrisy for the church to teach “thou shalt not lie, yet you’re supporting people who came here illegally.”

“That’s theft by deception,” he said. “You’re taking jobs from somebody else.”


Aklymroofing answers:

They have done it for years. It is just the last 10 years that the Conservative Churches are finally getting there voice.


What ever happen to under GOD?

Have we let the progressives steal that too?

Lisa asks…

I Did Not Know the Seriousness….?

of hunger in India – and I answered a question about hunger in India rather offhandedly/shallowly? I saw this today on BBC………..

Diet of mud and despair in Indian village By Chris Morris
BBC News, Ganne, Uttar Pradesh

Two children in Ganne
Children in Ganne have to eat dried mud and silica

“We live on a day-to-day basis,” Suraj says, as the faint sound of hammering echoes across the village. “What we earn is what we spend on our families in a day.”

In Ganne, just off the main road about an hour south of the city of Allahabad, this is a simple fact of life. It is home to members of a poor tribal community, who live in small huts clustered around a series of shallow quarries. Inside one of the huts sits a little girl called Poonam. She is three years old, and in the early stages of kidney failure.

Like many children in Ganne she has become used to eating bits of dried mud and silica, which she finds in the quarry. Tiny children chew on the mud simply because they are hungry – but it is making them ill. When reports first emerged of children eating mud here local officials delivered more food and warned the villagers not to speak to outsiders. But Poonam’s father, Bhulli, is close to despair.

What can we do? We eat the mud from the quarry when we feel hungry

“What can I say,” he shrugs. “We can’t afford to eat properly, so how can I afford to buy medicines for her?”

“I am really worried about my daughter, but I don’t know what to do next. The poor need the government’s help – if we had it, we wouldn’t be in such a desperate state.”

People like Bhulli and Suraj make their money filling lorries with bits of rock. It takes about eight hours for five men to fill one load. They carry the stones up from the quarry in plastic washing-up bowls balanced on their heads.One of the women in the village, Phulkari, approaches to tell us about her little boy.

“My son’s name is Suraj, and he’s started eating mud too,” she says. “What can we do? We eat the mud from the quarry when we feel hungry.”

“Where do we get the money?” she asks. “We usually eat food only once a day. Last night we went to bed without eating anything at all.”

Food protests

The World Bank estimates that one third of all the very poorest people in the world live in India, and stories like those from Ganne have now inspired a national Right To Food campaign.


There have been protest rallies in the heart of Delhi, as the Indian parliament prepares to debate a new Food Security Bill. It will dictate how many people in the country get access to massively subsidised food grain.

There’s no doubt that India should be able to afford to feed its people. But the devil is in the detail.

“It’ll only cost the government about 1.2% of GDP to universalize a system of giving food for all, cheap food for all,” says Kavitha Srivastava, the national coordinator of the Right to Food campaign.

“They can do it, if they have the political will. It’s prioritising – where do you want to put the money?”

“We think it should go in building people’s nutrition levels. You can’t have a country which is weak, which is hungry, which is anaemic. How can you have a nation like this?”

Now the government seems to be prepared to accept a new way of defining poverty, which will increase the number of people below the poverty line by more than 100 million to about 372 million.

If you simply throw money at this problem…you’ll have to throw four times the amount to get the result you want. And the government of India can’t afford that.
Dr Kaushik Basu
Finance ministry economic advisor

If international poverty standards were used, the number would be much higher still – and some Indian economists believe it should be.

But whichever figure is used, the poverty line feels like a rather fictitious divide because feeding more than a billion people is a massive logistical exercise. Vast quantities of food provided by the state go missing every day because of corruption and theft.

“Food ought to be a right,” says Dr Kaushik Basu, the Chief Economic Advisor at India’s Ministry of Finance. “And I believe this is a movement in the correct direction.”

“But what worries me at times is that we’re being too glib and quick about the delivery mechanism.”

Official estimates are that right across the country 75% of subsidised grain does not make it to the intended target in villages like Ganne.

I intend to be more sensitive about these issues. I simply did not know about this.

Aklymroofing answers:

Seriously – we can worry about are own country – it is just like anywhere else….


Paul asks…

What is your opinion ‘We suspect they want babies because they know it will lead to a house and child benefits?

At this surgery staff are also overwhelmed with increasing numbers of pregnant women.

‘This whole place is about to explode with babies,’ explained a nurse at a clinic, half-a-mile from Mrs Horvatov’s home.
‘It is a common thing for 14, 15 and 16-year-old girls who have arrived from Slovakia and Lithuania to come in pregnant or wanting fertility advice. We tell them it is illegal in this country to have sexual intercourse at their age.
‘We suspect they want babies because they know it will lead to a house and child benefits. There are so many foreign girls having babies that it will change the face of Peterborough.’
That change, it would seem, has already begun. Last month, it was revealed migrant workers in Peterborough are killing swans to eat and are also preying illegally on fish.
Local anglers claimed ‘ legally-protected swans’ were being ‘butchered’ by immigrants who are ‘raping’ the city’s waterways by snaring the birds, battering them to death with iron bars and roasting them on open fires on the bank of the River Nene.
Witnesses say migrants camping in woods are using inhumane methods to kill fish, such as long lines with multiple hooks, which are left in the water overnight and cause a slow and painful death.

While it should be stressed that many of the new arrivals work very hard for low wages – doing jobs local people are not prepared to do – there are many who have quickly learned how to work the benefits system.

Each day at 1pm, when the Inland Revenue Office at Hereward House opens, a queue of girls speaking foreign tongues snakes down the road.
Their buggies and prams crowd the pavement as they wait to sign on for tax credits and child benefits – as they are entitled to under EU law.
Yet, despite the availability of generous benefits, there is a growing foreign underclass in Peterborough, which is said to be the fastest growing multi-ethnic community in Britain.
People sleep rough in derelict houses, alleyways, garden sheds or under crude shelters made of wood and plastic sheeting in the parks – anywhere they can find a place to rest their weary heads at night.
These are the homeless European migrants that Labour promised this week (an announcement cynically made on the opening day of the election campaign) would be thrown out of Britain, because they cannot support themselves financially.

As the other children (Frankie, 12, Helena, nine, Marek, seven, Natala, six, and David, four) clamour for attention, their mother explains: ‘My husband is claiming the Jobseekers’ allowance. Back in our country he was a school cleaner, but in Peterborough they say there are no vacancies.
‘The council has been very good to us. It has given us a house because we have the children. It only has three bedrooms, though, and we would like more.
‘The only problem is our oldest boy has to go to school five miles away. It is difficult to get him there, but we have a car and my husband drives.
‘The schools nearby are full of children who came to Peterborough before us,’ she says.
I went to Peterborough after receiving a copy of a letter originally sent to the prime minister and leaders of the other main political parties by two independent councillors.

The letter revealed how the city’s public services are under strain and struggling to cope with levels of immigration. The councillors begged the politicians for help.

Aklymroofing answers:

I cant believe whats happened to Britain, it is such a sorry state. It disgusts me how these people are allowed into the country without a job waiting for them to calm our benefits and drain our housing resources and hospitals.I mean how are girls this young allowed into the country anyway? When i went in to hospital to have my daughters i was one of a minority in my own country and im sorry to say treated differently too. I have nothing against immigrants that want to live here and contribute to our Society by working etc. Its a sad desperate situation that cant go on. Im not a politically motivated person and have never bothered to vote in the past, but this time i most defiantly will be voting and it defiantly wont be Labour!! I hope others will make the effort vote this time round too so we can save our country before its too late…..

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Laura asks…

Best material to house category 5 cable being run down a house from the weather/possible paint to match house?

I am running category five network cable down a house (and cannot put it inside) Would it be best to run this via PVC pipe and paint it using the same house color or is there a batter material that could be easily mounted on the side of the house?

House has a wood exterior and I am trying to maintain transparency.

Aklymroofing answers:

The two possible answers are PVC conduit (Gray).

And exterior grade CAT 5

Sched 40 pipe is not easily or effectively paintable, but the conduit is not very noticeable, and it is paintable. Exterior or direct bury cable is a little more expensive, but will work outside.

John asks…

Alright so I am going to make my first model house. I want to know what I can do get the different floors to?

Move in a different direction. Like moving the second to the left, and then the third to the right, ok??? How do I do that? I need something cheap, easy and inexpensive if there is such a thing. Also where is a good store to get paint and accessories for making model houses? I mean like not craft paint but colors for like houses exteriors and interiors, because I want it to look as real as possible.

What are the best woods to use? I ws thinking of using plywood for the flooring, but I was wondering if there was anything better. And when I am choosing for the walls, what are the best woods, adn what size and kind of nails should I use, because I don’t want the wood to split because I used the wrong nail.

I am sorry if I sound like someone who has no idea what she is talking about, but that is probably because I don’t!!

Aklymroofing answers:

Quick answers:-
1. Floor move in different directions, either cut grove in wall or if you are using 2 panels of plywood to form the grove. Ie. Form vertical outside walls/plywood -3 directions by glueing to a base of 1st floor; internal walls cut short to underside of 2nd floor glue to exterior. Cut 2nd floor exactly to lay lossely on top of internal 1st floor 3 -walls. Finally, glue the 3 nos. Of 2nd floor internal walls to the exterior wall sitting on top of the loose 2nd floor. There, you have formed a sliding 2nd floor similar to a drawer grove design. All you have to do is to form a removal 4th wall.
2. Paint – it’s a model house with minimum quantity of paint. (don’t buy a whole big can- find the smallest). If your base is wood- use wood paint. Metal paint has oil base & may stain the other side of the surface- becareful. Go to a DIY store to buy the paint. Use primary colours red, blue, yellow, white & black to mix & form other colours to save cost. Some pastel and poster colurs can be painted to wood. To match the colour of the natural material, get a sample of the material ie roof tile, mix the paint on to it untill it matches the natural colour.
3. Base material can be plywood (heavy) or foam board (foam sandwich bwt 2 white paper board). The latter is lighter for you to carry the model around. Balsa wood is an option but a bit soft & not so durable. Try the local Art-Hobby shop.
4. Wood choice- use foam board & lay wood laminates (Any designs from DIY shop) on it’s surface.
5. No nails, just glue preferable a slow setting type (white pvc type) not yu-hoo so that you have more time to adjust the panel settings before the glue sets. When it dries, the glue is tranparent.
Good luck.

Charles asks…

what is a common family vacation spot?

So, I am putting together a Family Feud Game for my sisters baby shower next weekend. If you wouldn’t mind answering any or all of these questions below I would really appreciate it!

We need to have a total of 100 answers for the poll! We are counting the answers tomorrow night, so the sooner the better!


1. Name a common girl’s name…
2. What is the most common first word said by babies?
3. Name the best family vacation spot…
4. Name something parents might do to reward a well behaved child…
5. Name a family pet…
6. How many children in a family?
7. What is the most popular month to get married?
8. What is the average number of laundry loads done in a week by a 4 person family?
9. What is the first song that comes to mind when you think of the word “family”?
10. In months, at what age does a baby start walking without aid?
11. Name the most commonly served baby food…
12. What is the most common house exterior paint color?
13. How many televisions are contained in a single house?
14. Name something parents might do to discipline a naughty child…
15. Name something you would teach your dog but not your toddler…
16. Name something a parent fears their child won’t be able to do on their own when they move out…
17. At what age does a person have their first kiss?
18. Name something that might be lying on a teenager’s floor…
19. Name a common gift to give at a baby shower….
20. Name a common ice cream topping…
21. Name a common baby boy’s name…
22. Name a place children think monster’s hide…
23. Name something people are often late for…
24. Name a color not in the rainbow…
25. Name something a teenager will do on a Saturday night…
26. Name one of Santa’s reindeer…
27. Name something a child does in preschool that would be embarrassing for a teenager to do in high school…
28. Name a Disney princess…
29. Name an expensive hobby…
30. Name a popular brand of diapers…

Aklymroofing answers:

1. Madison
2. Mama
3. Disney World
4. Buy new toy
5. Dog
6. 2
7. June
8. 8
9. What is the first song that comes to mind when you think of the word “family”?
10. 10
11. Carrots
12. White
13. 4
14. Time out
15. Get the newspaper
16. Pay bills
17. 13
18. Clothes
19. Clothes….
20. Hot fudge
21. Austin
22. Closet
23. Work
24. Brown
25. Date
26. Dancer
27. Cry
28. Snow White
29. Skydiving
30. Pampers

William asks…

i painted rosemary paint color?

the exterior of my house was painted rosemary green color from walmart what trim goes best with that it’s not quite the color i wanted so now i really need to make that color pop i don’t want to put my husband through the trouble of painting the house again

Aklymroofing answers:

If you like the color then contrast it with say a white. It will make the color stand out more. If you do not like the color, compliment it with a similar color or a few shades off the body color to subdue it’s effect.

Ruth asks…

Please rate my space??? I need your opininon on the exterior of this house?

Hello everybody!!! Just wondering if I can get some feedback and some opinions on this home exterior. Also, can you please tell me what color paint would look best on the white pillars above the stone work?? My parents just recently built this house, so i’m just helping them out. Would appreciate if you give me some opinions in regards to what color paint would look best on the white pillars. I’m thinking black, but do you think there is already too much black? THANKS. I have them uploaded to my flickr account..please go through all of the pictures.THANKS again.

here is the url:

Aklymroofing answers:

I think black would look great! There really is no other color that would compliment the space around it as well as black does.

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Mandy asks…

Where’s a good place to buy a snow rake.A lot of hardware stores in our area are out of snow roof rakes.?

It’s March and I should have bought a snow roof rake along time ago.Where I live all the hardware stores are out of roof rakes.Where is a good place to buy one online shipped and delivered with an over night option,but yet very affordable.

Aklymroofing answers:

That’s because we had record snow falls.Supply couldn’t keep up with demand.

This is where I bought my snow rake online.Lots of various models here for different situations.


Sandra asks…

Best affordable mountain bike?

So i really want to buy a mountain bike and go on trails (such as swamps and the woods) but first i need a bike! lol. im 6 ft tall and about 200 lbs. i want a bike that wont fall apart when taking it through intermediate trails and it would be nice if its not too heavy (so i can lift it up and hook on to my roof rack of my car) the puzzle here is, i dont want to spend more than $300 max! im not a professional nor do i plan to become one. this is mostly for exercise and leisure :)

Aklymroofing answers:

$300 max? Through the swamps? Raise your spending limit or find a good used one on craigslist.

Seen a website called Bikes For slightly over $300 you could get one that fits the bill. You assemble the bike. Fast & free UPS shipping. No sales tax, except in Texas where they are based out of. I’ve linked a few below.

Charles asks…

If Affordable Health Insurance becomes Available w/o Pre-existing conditions, Why Buy It Before you get Sick?

Part of health insurance today is insuring the risk of getting seriously ill and not being able to get insurance once you have a pre-exsting condition.

Once people in the State of Maine figured this out, the cost of Public Health went through the roof and the number of people who could be insured dropped from an estimated 150,000 to under 10,000.

In the current bill, the penalty for not having health insurance is between $250 and $700 per person. I am assuming that people would be willing to pay this leaving a substantial savings over buying insurance when you are well.

My out of pocket this year if I paid cash would have been less than $2,500. I could have saved $6,000 this year alone. Two years ago my wife was diagnosed with Bi-polar disorder — I would have bought insurance that year until things settled down.

My doctor, like my dentist, accepts cash. You can also see a doctor at Walmart for $40. Prescriptions for conditions you describe would be less than $40 each at costco.

I assume you pay for your dentist and your eyeglasses, right? Well, you would just pay for check-ups and doctor visits the same way. That also howHealth Savings Accounts work.

According to Representative Woolsey who was at a town hall in Petaluma, CA, you can get the insurance same day — even at the hospital. She said this is meant to reduce unpaid emergency room visits. I know it is hard to believe but…….
James E

The State of Maine example shows it is not just Right Wing Republicans who would do this. Maine doesn’t have many “real Republicans”. They have the Olympia Snow and Susan COllins moderate types.

This kind of gaming the system happens with Medicare and other social programs. It’s just inevitable. This is why social programs always cost more than Congress projects — the unintended consequences.

Aklymroofing answers:

Yup. Like betting after the dice have rolled.

Linda asks…

Where can I get affordable health insurance for an infant?

I’m having a baby around the first week of December, and I need to figure out how best to set up health insurance for her without going bankrupt. I looked into Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida, and to be eligible for a child-only plan, the baby has to be atleast one year old. For us to get a family plan the cost is absolutely through the roof, more than our monthly income, and even then the child is only covered from 6 weeks of age. Does anyone know of any companies that will insure a baby from birth, without the parents having to be insured? I’m giving birth at a birthing center, and one of the terms of care is that I have to take the baby to a pediatrician within 72 hours of birth. No decent pediatrician will accept us without insurance. I think we may actually be eligible for Medicaid, but I don’t want to go that way because high quality doctors don’t accept that around here. So can someone please suggest a company that I can go to to insure my baby affordably, in Florida.
The reason I’m reluctant to use a Medicaid-accessible pediatrician is because my family has alternative views on vaccinations and medication. It is against my religion to give a child under 5 any vaccinations, and even after that live vaccines are a no-no. Legally, I am entitled to this choice but I need some kind of leverage to convey these things to the pediatrician without just fighting over morels. If I’m not even paying for the care, I have no leverage to present an alternative philosophy.

Aklymroofing answers:

I don’t know what affordable is for you, but I was laid off during maternity leave, so I had to hunt for insurance……I live in Tampa, and I went through United Healthcare(from what I heard, they are the only company that will cover newborns on a child only plan……we don’t qualify for medicaid because I am married and medicaid doesn’t look at your expenses, only your income…..and apparently, my husbands $13/hr paycheck can cover the $1500 mortgage!!!! It’s a strech to be able to afford it, but they gave me a $160/month coverage plan for the baby only…..if we went through my husbands job, just to add on the baby would have been an additional $400/month!!!! And that’s with United Healthcare too!!! Check them out, they are handled by Goldenrule here in Tampa.

Edit…..please try calling some peds offices just to make sure they don’t accept medicaid first, …….but bear in mind, medicaid here in FL can take awhile to be approved, and you might just go into labor before that approval happenes, so think of all your options and what you can truly afford..

Mary asks…

What’s The Most Aerodynamic Affordable Car?

hi. im looking for a list of cars around £2,000-£22,500 witch are extremely Aerodynamic & Light Weight preferably nice looks to. for i want to build my own car to my specifications if anybody could compile a list i would be great full. i have looked at the Mazda RX-8. BMW Z4 Toyota Celica. & Toyota Supra. all of witch seem to be very nice.

BIGGEST REQUIREMENT: it must be able to hold a V8/V10/V12 Engine & be very changeable like to swap the hood/doors/boot/roof for lighter parts

please be in touch :)

Aklymroofing answers:

I doubt very much there is any car that meets all your requirements.

Unless a car was originally designed to take the power from such an engine, the structure is unlikely to be able to handle the torque from the engine, plus the added suspension and braking loads.

The only possibility for a build-it yourself may be a kit car?

An alternative could be a second-hand late model V8 Lotus Esprit – that’s basically what you seem to be building, but ready made?

It’s a Twin-Turbo V8, 0-60 in 4.4 seconds as standard, 175mph with suspension & brakes to match..

You can just about get one in your price range.

Note – Remember that insurance on high-performance cars is stupidly expensive, and if one is home-built or modified in any way, you can start adding more zeroes to the initial prices – and that the police will impound and crush it if you drive while the insurance is technically void because you have not declared any modifications…

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Jenny asks…

I have a leaking flat roof?!?

I live in a second flloor flat and my bedroom roof is starting to leak. This is not the first time that this has happened, although the first time we found out it was the washing machine upstairs that was leaking water and this was sorted.

The leak is right above our window sill and seems to be spreading to other areas of the roof, especially in one part where it has ‘bubbled’.

The water has gone right down the side of the wall and is leaking through the recently replastered windowsill. I do have a drainage pipe that seems to go through the wall above our bedroom window and the water that’s coming down smells really bad, so I have the assumption that it is probably a blocked pipe and the water is being forced back because of a blockage.

I heard that birds can sometimes build nests in pipes and this can cause blockages too. A plumber has been out to assess what it could be upstairs, but it is inconclusive. I’m wondering whether to get a plumber out to look at the damage it’s causing our bedroom or whether to get a professional roofer out and claim it off the insurance.

Aklymroofing answers:

Hi djc,
I have also faced the same problem in the last rainy season but for repairing purpose contact with experts that have solved it. Hopefully you will also get ride from your problem

Betty asks…

How do I convince my mom to let me cut side swept BANGS! URGENT!!!?

OK, I wanna make a change to my look before school starts.. So, I’m 13 and petite (small) My face is kinda small too and my forehead is not big or long or wide… I have been wanting bangs for AGES!!!! but she said no.. she says no because she says that, my hair is too frizzy and it will look very weird and she says that my hair is too curly (actually its wavy) .. Yes I agree my hair is frizzy and dry but if I moisturize it and blow dry it every night It wont look weird. Plus, I want my bangs to be kind of long, not short as in like a side swept fringe… However even when I say, “Mom, you haven’t even seen me with bangs so you cant really say that they are not nice on me.. Just try them once and I promise you that if you just see them for 2 weeks and you don’t like them, I will never ask for them as long as Im living under your roof and I will pin them up everyday just PLEASE try them please!!” and she also promised that after the summer before school which is now.. she would let me cut them because she said that they will irritate me in the summer holidays at the beaches with them in my face etc.. but now she’s like, “no I changed my mind” UGHHH WHAT DO I DO!?? HOW CAN I CONVINCE HER TO TAKE ME TO OUR HAIR DRESSER!???

P.S– Please don’t say cut them yourself because I would never cut my hair at home, I need a professional stylist to do it for me… just to feel safe 😉 btw my hair is long just nearly under my ribs when it is straight so bangs wont look to bad.. :/

Aklymroofing answers:

Well i would try to talk to her and make some compromise with her that you both can agree on. I use to do that with my mom and it worked really well cause we both got what we wanted. As for your hair being frizzy i would use some hair serum that helps with fizzy hair along using a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner should help plus using the blow drying like u said. If i went without flat ironing my side swept bangs i would have to pull then back cause i have naturally curly hair and i couldn’t stand it. I hope that this helps as i hope that you can get bangs too.

William asks…

How can i tell if a wall is a load bearing wall in my shed?? :)?

I have an old fashioned brick shed with a corragated iron roof. I want to remove a wall seperating the two halves of the shed. The best way to describe the layout is a like a cross in the centre of a box. My neighbour owns the right hand side of the cross and i own the left, i want to remove most of the short arm of the cross leaving me with one big room. There are no electrical or plumbing connections in the wall. Does it sound vital to the support of the roof or not????

N.B i cant afford a professional opinion atm.

Aklymroofing answers:

The question is how is the roof supported. I am going to make a few assumptions and IF THEY ARE ALL TRUE REPEAT ALL TRUE Then you could remove the wall.

1)The entire building is a rectangle with the roof running the long direction.
2)The roof is a gable roof, (peak in the center above the dividing wall – you want to leave and both ends of the long side look like an upside down V and the edge of the roof sits on the long side).
3) the wall you want to take down runs parallel to the rafters or trusses.
4) the wall does not go the the bottom edge of the roof.

There may be many other scenarios where removal of the wall would be OK too, but without seeing at least a few pictures I could not in good conscience tell you to it would be OK to remove the wall.

For example if the garage is very large and you have a hip roof the wall COULD be a support wall. In a normal sized garage this is unlikely, but what is normal?

Chris asks…

Had Protected Sex Still Worried?

Had protected sex with sex worker exactly two month ago. It was vaginal and Condom didn’t broke and everything finished ok. Sex worker was professional , didn’t accept to suck or anal or even kiss. She put the condom. After two weeks I started to have sever dizziness and after a week it was gone. Had my blood tested after I saw the sickness. For HIV, Hepatitis and some other things it was negative. Then 10 Days later I noticed Fungal Infection down on my armpit on both sides. I went to doctor and it curred. Then I burned the roof of my mouth with hot tea two times and ulcer developed. Then for no reason ulcers ( red dots with white circles around them ) appeared on my tongue and developed very fast to four. I tested my blood 40 days after intercourse with ELISA and was negative. Then I had back of my knees a kind of suspicious pain. Last week been to doctor and I was complaining about neck pain and he said my Lymph’s are swollen. 3 Days ago another ulcer appeared on my tongue again and it is vanishing at this time but left me with a terrible feeling that I am infected. During this two month little by little I am convinced that I am infected and sustained sever stress that was unprecedented whole my life. I want to go for another test but scared badly and know that I have to wait until 3 month or even 6 month. Can anybody suggest me if there is any conclusive test ( even expensive ) is available? Am I over reacting? Do you think I should even do the third test?

Aklymroofing answers:

Whoever answered your question and is joking is mean. I completely understand that you are scared. I wanna let you know that its not a good idea to have sex with a sex worker. Even though I might say they also try to be as careful as possible because no one wants a deadly virus. Since you had protected vaginal sex I’d say that you are protected from hiv but not from herpes or Hpv. I’ve not had sex with a sex worker. Just ordinary girls and I even asked them for their sexual past and if they have tested for stds. Even when they test you are still scared because you don’t know if they are on the window period for any of the viruses. You were smart to use protection. Don’t stress or fall into depression. Don’t let anxiety overtake your daily life. Symptoms don’t mean anything as long as you test negative. I believe you will test negative at 3 months. You might just have caught a cold or something because you are worked up by your thoughts And looking for symptoms. Mental health has to do a lot. It weakens your immune system and you are prone to even bacterias and viruses your body shouldn’t get sick from. I think what you have in your mouth is oral thrush or oral herpes which might be dormant and you don’t know. Stress triggers it. Most probably your mouth feels like burning sensations. You can take HIV antibody at 3 months or western blot or HIV PCR which detects virus after 3 weeks only. Good luck And think positive about the negative

Steven asks…

1997 Buick Park avenue 3.8 UIM or head gasket or…?

1997 Buick Park avenue 3.8L 3800 series II Dynaride with 103,000 miles

One of my landscape customers was going to junk the car and I happen to intervene in time to acquire it. The story I received was that one day just a few miles from home the light came on and it started hesitating just enough to loose it’s oomph and for the driver to notice things weren’t quite right. She made it home, parked it and tried to start it multiple times without success before giving up and going out for a new ride. This was the first noticeable problem with the car but the couple is not car savvy in any way.

I had it towed home and am now in the process of repairing her, hopefully with your help, to the sweet ride she wants to be again (I hear her whispering to me).
Not having a clue more than guesses what the problem may be I started tinkering. I loaned out the OBDII scan tool from Advanced auto and got the code p0300 which translates to random/multiple cylinder misfire detected. I checked fuses, charged the battery, tried a bit of starter fluid in the TB, pulled every plug and they all sparked while cranking the engine. It’s got fuel pressure at the rails. I checked the oil level and it was def. high so I pulled about 2 quarts out to get her into the hatched area of the dip stick.

The problems (or possibles) I see so far are that the plugs were wet with fuel and had a moderately dirty feel and appearance. I removed the air cleaner and housing and all were really clean. I tried to start it a couple times after pouring a bit of fuel into the plug holes and the car did a few very low muffled less than a cough sounds but I believe it did that before too. I then noticed a tan colored fluid coming from the TB and figured it not to be fuel as it smelled like antifreeze or brake fluid. I got curious and pulled the TB off the UIM and immediately saw things not right. The manifold side of the Tb is caked with soft (hardening as it dries tho) black deposit. The weird thing there was that when I manually opened the butterfly the other side of it was perfectly clean- night and day from one side of the butterfly to the other. I put the TB off to the side and looked into the manifold and saw pools of fluid in there, the roof of it soaked and everything dirty like the TB. Soooo I decided to at least pull the intake off for a cleaning and inspection. So I pulled the fuel rails, injectors, wires and whatever else was in the way of the intake coming out and then pulled it too. When it came off I could see that pool of fluid clearly and really began to think the problem is here or further in. The fluid was brown colored, slightly milky and the consistency of water. I shop vac’d it out and it seemed that there shouldn’t be fluid there at all (no obvious coolant passages, to me). The EGR tube insides are also black, wet and fuel smelling. I also emptied most of the radiator fluid (about a half gallon, very low) and found it to be perfectly normal orange coolant without contaminants. I read a lot about this motor being notorious for it’s intake manifold gasket failing due to that it has a plastic perimeter and that the manifold itself is plastic. My biggest question is how do I know for certainty where and how far to go. Is the Head gasket in question, rings, rods or anything else damaged that needs to be replaced? I’m ok with doing extensive work myself as long as I know what it is that I’m after, in other words diagnosing the problem IS my problem. I have no qualms with throwing a couple hundred bucks for parts and the time into it but the budget doesn’t allow for much more, like professional service is not an option. I have pictures if anyone would like to see them of the car, the disassembled pieces and the pool of fluid also I can take any others that are asked of me. So in recap the car hasn’t started or attempted to yet in my posession. I got it apart as far as the intake manifold. It cranks totally fine with no odd noises at all. I’m blaming the high oil level on a failed gasket somewhere and coolant mixing and bringing the level up but I’m posting cause I can’t be sure. Should I just rip it down to change the head gaskets, valve cover gaskets and whatever else while it’s being played with, is thhat the only way of knowing other th ings will be fine now? This will be the nicest car I’ve ever owned and I will really love to be cruising it this summer on some road trips and start pampering her with extras at the point I know she will survive for years to come. Any help, ideas or questions people will be of incalcuable value to me, many thanks in advance!! What do you think?

Aklymroofing answers:

Try calling a car repair shop in your area. Http:// They can help you with your questions. Try vistiting several shops and compare what they say.

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Laura asks…

what is the best color of roof if the house exterior is red and the windows and trims are white?

Aklymroofing answers:

Some home improvement stores and some roofing contractors have computer software where you provide a picture of your house and then you can switch the colors of the roof to see what you prefer, on their computer.

Helen asks…

what is the best color for a simple house?

i am in charge for planning the exterior of our house. my father asks me what is the best color for the house. we prefer the color that is attracted to the eye. i am thinking yellow or you have any suggestions? pls. help !!! IMMEDIATELY!

Aklymroofing answers:

Here are different colored houses to help you decide which color is pleasing to you.

Paul asks…

What,in your opinion, is the best main color for the exterior of a House?

I like pale yellow……ok,your turn.

Aklymroofing answers:

I will have to say red brick with white trimming. Looks nice and sleek in my opinion.

George asks…

Coordinating colors of my house?

Hi, I was wondering what colors would look best as the accents (window panels and door) to an exterior house color of ‘sap green’. If you could direct me to a website that allows me to test the color out, that would be great!
Hi I found sap green on wikipedia’s article on shades of green (it’s pretty dark). Bert I chose the Rockwood Sash Green (that’s pretty much the color of the house) and to go with it the Townhouse Tan (it looks so cute!). Right now it has brown siding and just dates the house like crazy. The site is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks to you and to Roxanne as well!

Aklymroofing answers:

I know this is a roofing materials site but it is fantastic for the purpose you want. Go to the Virtual Home Remodeler there on the left and you can choose a house style then add siding, trim and roof colors. There is one in there that is almost exactly like my house and I can see what it looks like to change it. It’s great!


I’m not sure what sap green is. I used the first house in the fifth row and added sage 45 dutch siding and the acorn green siding the trim colors I like with them are the august moon,colony bluff, maison blanche,the sand color and the town house tan trim as well.I think you have a lot to choose from. What is sap green? Is it light or dark? It all also depends on the color of your roof.

Jenny asks…

What roof color would look best with a mingled-cream colors small brick home?

Due to hail damage, I am replacing the roof on my twelve-year-old home. My house looks nice, but fairly plain. The trim, garage door and roof all blend. There does not seem to be any definition to make it stand out. Since I must begin with the roof, I thought maybe I could give the exterior of my home a little more personality. I can change everything except the brick color (a light cream color that has other tones in each brick). What roof color, trim and door color would make my house “pop”?
I will be using the Tamco architectural asphalt composition shingles. (They are more dimensional looking and the shingles look like more than one color.)
I live in the DFW area of Texas… hot,hot, hot weather…

Aklymroofing answers:

Drive around your neighborhood to find color schemes that appeal to you. Bright green may be the now ting, but if you hate green then you won’t be happy with it. When you see a house that has the wow factor, then you will be on the right track. Don’t stop there though….

Take a picture of your house, take it with you to a couple of home improvement centers and then to a couple of smaller high end paint stores. Ask for ideas and opinions from the sales people. You can jot down notes and tell them you want to think about it before making a final decision.

Take your time, so that you will be happy with the results.

Simple things often make the biggest difference. Edge the sidewalk, prune shrubbery – correctly! Plant flowers. Change out the hardware – including light fixtures and door knobs. Add a kick-plate and make the house numbers visible. Put a beautiful cotainer with lush plantings right at the front door.

Hope some of these ideas help. :)

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Mary asks…

Why do people keep assuming that America is going to get better when the financial times are gettin worse?

There are NO jobs, NO good affordable ehalthcare for people, espeically those who cannot find jobs, EVERY good job is being outsourced, our infrasturutre is falling apart, our debt is throught the roof that we soon wont be able to afford a military, and china and iran will take their chance to nuke us and take our resources….

Aklymroofing answers:

Economy is better, GDP is growing and unemployment is decreasing.

You have no job and no healthcare b/c you waste time on Y!A instead of doing anything productive.

Daniel asks…

Ugh, things that I can style are way too expensive. Any ideas for cheap clothing, but awesome styles?

I really need something more…. Up-beat, I guess you could say. Hollister is through the roof,along with American Eagle and DKNY. It seems like fashion has gone down the drain of ‘things that are expensive, so haha, stick it’. Are there any clothes that are reasonably affordable, and are super stylish? Please reply, I can’t keep wearing jean capri’s and the same shirts to school. There has to be a logical answer!

Aklymroofing answers:

You could try….
Old Navy
Bobs (luv their shoes)
and try any store’s clearence section there are sometimes really good deals… :)

David asks…

Looking For Roofing Contractor !!!!!???

I’m living in Toronto, Canada and looking for proffesional roofer to get my home in tip top shape. If anyone knows about any skilled and affordable contractor then please let me know about him…..

Aklymroofing answers:

Look in your local Yellow Pages and check with the Better Business Bureau.

Sharon asks…

I am looking fix up a house for sale, any recommendations for contractors near fall river?

Basically just looking to make and pretty and sell, new paint, new roof on a garage, etc. Any recommendations for contractors near Fall River, Mass., which are cheap, affordable and perform good quality service?

Aklymroofing answers:

If you’re going to flip the house, you should try to do the majority of the work yourself. Otherwise, the contractor’s cost will take away most of your profit.

James asks…

can you file for a legal separation and live under the same roof until i can find a place I can afford?

I am having a terrible time finding affordable housing in my area. Can I fill for a legal seperation and move into our spare bedroom?

Aklymroofing answers:

Research your local state laws regarding it.
If you can’t afford a place on your own ou may end up needing a room mate. However, it would be better for you to find a room mate of the same gender in the event you do go to court for a divorce.

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John asks…

Is it advisable to have a storm contractor present when your insurance adjuster calculates storm damage?

My home received hail damage this past wkend…siding is pitted in many places, broken and cracked in other locations, there is possible roof damage and places where softball sized hail hit wood. It cracked the windshield of a car parked in my driveway as well as many dents in the hood and the top of the car. My neighborhood is now flooded with storm contractors that want you to hire them to do the repair to the house. Each of them are offering to be present at the time the insurance adjuster is here calculating what they will cover in damages. Is it a good thing to have a professional contractor present at the same time as the adjuster, or would that make it worse? I’ve never had a home claim before, so this is all new to me. I wouldn’t even know what company to call to do the repair, but some of these guys have great information that I am learning from. One company tho, stated that I would have to turn over the insurance check first, before they did the work…I am not privy to that at all. The next company said that was not a good policy and they would not expect any of the payment until the work was done. My main question is: Will an insurance adjuster be ticked off that a contractor is present, or do they support having one there? Seems to be the going way with all these “storm chasers”……

Aklymroofing answers:

I wouldn’t recommend it. Most insurers these days use a computer programme called Xactimate when calculating the cost to do insurance repairs, which uses preset rates for pretty much any type of home repair. They employ reputable contractors themselves to carry out the repairs, and those contractors have to offer at least a six month guarantee on their repairs; also, they usually don’t get paid until you’re happy with the job they did. This helps ensure you get a fair deal from the insurance company and a quality repair from the contractor. Using any old John who comes knocking on your door is the home repair equivalent of Russian Roulette. An example would be the guy who told you that you’d have to turn over the check first; he is a scam artist, and that claim is just one of many the bullsh1t things they say. This is why you don’t use contractors who canvass for work, far too often they nothing but scam artists.

Insist on using a reputable contractor such as Servicemaster, who will have a long term written contract with your insurer, and will be very keen to do whatever it can to keep that contract.

Carol asks…

How should I protect the exposed sill plate on the exterior of my home?

I’m buying a new home that was a recent gut rehab/new addition. When I paid an inspector to come out, he noticed that on the exterior of the home, the sill plate is exposed. Where the foundation walls meet the plate, there is a pink insulation barrier of some sort but nothing covering the bare wood. A few inches higher there is new vinyl siding. The inspector highly recommended that I have some sort of flashing put over the plate to protect it from infestation and wood rot. My question is, what is the PROPER material to use? And what is the CORRECT way to affix the flashing to the plate? — Will nails weaken the plate? Should an adhesive be used? A friend said that I should nail a cedar board over it around the entire house, another said to use sheet metal like they use on a roof. I want to do this right so I avoid locking in potentially damaging moisture – and want to make sure I don’t weaken such a critical element to the structural integrity of the home. I’d really appreciate any professional advice that’s out there!

Aklymroofing answers:

Usually the starter strip for vinyl siding is only fastened at the upper edge. This means you should be able to pull the bottom pc. Of siding out enough to insert the top edge of the new flashing up under the siding behind the starter strip. This takes a bending tool called an aluminum break. Since you don’t have this rather large and expensive tool, I would ask around to find a carpenter friend (who has an aluminum break) to give you a price on custom bending this aluminum flashing and installing it up under the siding and down over the sill plate.
You can buy this aluminum coil stock in a lot of different colors. Rolls of this aluminum usually come 24″ wide x 50′ long and cost around $60.
You need to secure it with color matching stainless steel trim nails.
You can break a 10′ pc of this coil stock in this aluminum break at a time. You will nail the flashing into the wood plate with the matching trim nails.
The wood plate should be pressure treated lumber (at least that is what we always use on a sill plate).
Your friend was partly right to say nail a cedar board around the bottom of the house. You can do that if you bevel the top edge of the board so it sheds water easily. If it won’t stick out past the face of the siding then just hold it up tight against the exterior sheathing or siding.
I would use a 1″ x 4″ pc. Of cedar so it laps over the sill plate an inch or two. Paint or Stain it prior to installing it. Nail into sill plate with 10d galvanized Casing nails. These nails look like a finish nail(small head), but the head is a little bid broader than a finish nail so it holds better.
Good Luck.

Lisa asks…

How can I get rid of, or relocate, honey bees that have found their way inside the walls of my house?

There are no professional Beekeepers in my area, and the ones that can come are too expensive and too far away. Exterminators won’t come because the hive is between the first and second story roof/floor boards. They keep eating their way into the house even though we have blocked up every hole they make (our house has wood siding). My husband has now resorted to spraying them outside with Seven dust, hoping they’ll take the hint and leave long enough for him to cover the hole. Is there a way we can remove them our self so they won’t keep returning to the hive? I had a guy tell me they are definitely honey bees. This is probably a stupid question, but do they leave for the winter or migrate south or something? I just don’t want my 2 yr old to get stung again. Thanks!
Exterminators will not come because there isn’t anything they can spray to make other bees not find the hive again. I had one tell me it would be useless and a waste of money to just keep spraying them for no reason.

Aklymroofing answers:

This sounds desparate ! At this point it sounds like all practical ways are no good. Lf it was left up to me, this is what l would consiter trying. Get a drill and hole saw 2 1/4”. A peice of wood 6 X 6 by 1/2 or 3/4”with pilot holes in opposite corners (for screws) and Hot Shot bug bombs, ( they are 2” in diameter), rent a bee suit. ( Yea, l know this sounds crazy,), lm reading to too,lol. Glue the bugbomb to the center of the 6 X 6. With the beesuit on ( tape the openings on the suit so none can get in), drill a 2 1/4” hole, set the bomb off , push the bugbomb through the hole and screw the wood to the ceiling. The holes won’t matter, Sounds like you will have to get the hive out anyway. In time , the hive is going to break down anyway,When the queen dies , l think they are finishes. Check with others on removal of the hive. Yep, Reading this back, it sounds mad,lol. Good Luck

Sandy asks…

1998 Chevrolet Malibu LS Sunroof Problem?

Um, my sunroof on my car is stuck open… It’s jamming on the right side when I attempt to close it and I’m clueless as to what I need to do. Only thing I can really tell you is that one of my friends was being dumb and jumped up onto the roof partially and possibly broke something. Please help if at all possible, really can not afford professional work. (No comments on the friend, I know I/he is dumb for it happening.)

Aklymroofing answers:

Max the sunroof on your car slides in a track much like a desk drawer. Open it all the way check the track for bendage. If it’s crooked use a piece of wood place it on the bend and strike it with a hammer until ot looks straight. I have a group that’s also worth checking out brainiacgarage here at yahoo

Helen asks…

Problem with sunroof on ’98 Chevrolet Malibu?

Um, my sunroof on my car is stuck open… It’s jamming on the right side when I attempt to close it and I’m clueless as to what I need to do. Only thing I can really tell you is that one of my friends was being dumb and jumped up onto the roof partially and possibly broke something. Please help if at all possible, really can not afford professional work. (No comments on the friend, I know I/he is dumb for it happening.)
Well… Any idea what I’d need to fix it if it is indeed bent. Which is a completely logical possibility, it starts to go on the right side but just stops and the left attempts to keep going.

Aklymroofing answers:

Smack your friend. He deserves it! Disrespecting a mans car is disrespecting the man! Quote me on that one!!! Push up on the trouble area. If you are able to close it after, then YAY! If you hear a crunch, then you need to operate! You will need a putty knife, flat head screw driver, a hammer, and a prayer. If you cannot take it anywhere to get done, you need to get-er-done. Remove the headliner partially, expose the sunroof and components. Sounds like the track to me. Use either the putty knife or screw driver *depends on the access*, and slowly and carefully hammer the hell out of it! Super glue mends all of your headliner needs. Hope it works out!

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Chris asks…

I’m looking for a free house design software program. We’re installing new windows, siding, and doors. Thanks?

I’m looking for a free house design software program. We’re installing new windows, siding, and doors and want to try and see what our options will look like on the house. I even considered using the Sims game, lol. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Aklymroofing answers:


James asks…

For quality windows, siding, and doors…?

Call 866 for Feldco

Aklymroofing answers:


Joseph asks…

Why do garage side doors have windows?

My garage side door (normal size door, plywood on wooden frame) needs replacing. It has a window as have all the other garage doors on the estate where I live. I am wondering why they have windows? From a security point of view I would have thought that glass is easy to break to gain entry and also any thief is able to see into the garage to see what is there!
Is there something to do with absence of light inside the garage leads to the growth of fungus or something else?

Aklymroofing answers:

Garage doors have windows to let light into the otherwise dark garage. They are nice if working in the garage when it’s cold, but I agree about the security issues.

Ruth asks…

Anyone use K-Designers for New; Siding, Windows Garage Door or Remodel etc?

I’m trying to get info on the credibility of K-Designers Company. If you, or someone you know, has had and experience please let me know.

Aklymroofing answers:

I found their site and it had a couple of blogs.. One was very happy and another very unhappy . So check w/ BBB and local builders association.. GL

Mary asks…

what is the best dvd how to fix up or replace home doors, floors, windows, siding, and roof?

I was given a two bedroom, one bath, with completed basement house. The house has been empty for more than a year. It is savable, but needs a lot of work. I have some experience rehabbing homes, but I would love to be able to kick back on the couch and watch a dvd so that I can learn all I can about my budding career from those with superior skills. I watch the cable programs on home rehab, but they don’t focus on any one subject long enough for me to really grasp what they are sharing. I need dvd that will teach rehab.

Aklymroofing answers:

Go to they have some really good ones. You rent them for a week for around $15us. They send them with a postage paid envelope for return.

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